2019 Deep Space Season

SparX Deep Space Team for 2019

SparX 1126 2019 Season Team

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SparX 1126 Made it to Quarterfinals in: Alliance #8 with 2228 and 678

Thank you Team 2228, Cougar Tech, along with Team 578, Red Raider Robotics for graciously requesting our assistance to play in the finals at Buckeye 2019.

Buckeye Regional 2019

SparX at Buckeye Regional 3/27-3/30/2019

Mr. Scrooge McDuck

In the Pits

Finger Lakes Regional March 13 - 16

SparX made it to the Semi-finals in Alliance #2 with Teams 1551 and 5254

Thank you Team 1551, Grapes of Wrath, along with Team 5254, HYPE for graciously requesting our assistance to play in the finals at Finger Lakes 2019.

Thanks to Cougartech Team 2228 for the 'Rising Rover' award.

Thanks to Team 1511 Rolling Thunder for the 'Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin' award

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Qualification #26 video Quarter Final 3 video

Finger Lakes Regional 2019

2019 Build season is complete and our robot went in the bag on 2/19 with 30 minutes to spare.

Here's how we spent the 4 final weeks of build season

SparX 1126 Robot Build Complete
Deep Space Poster 11 x 17 2 2019.pdf

SparX Open House on february 9 was a great success

Actual SparX Open House Powerpoint.pptx

We've had a hectic and productive first two weeks:

SparX Deep Space Build First 2 Weeks