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SparX 1126 2019 Season Team

Let’s Solve Water 2018

Nine robot teams competed on October 13, 2018 in this year’s Xylem Let’s Solve Water Challenge. Teams had to design and build a laminar flow water cannon capable shooting a ~3’ slug of water into 6 buckets placed a various distances up to 25’.

Four $1000 Awards were given for:

  • Most elegant design/appearance/presentation
  • Fastest to hit all targets
  • Longest distance
  • Fastest to calibrate/hit first target

SparX Team-1126 won the Most Elegant Design Award

(note: after calibration we hit the target bucket on the first shot!)

Copy of SparX 2018 Water Engineering 10 13 2018

This is why SparX is an important and fun opportunity for all Webster High School Students:

"The hardest fun you will ever have!"

Founded in 2003, SparX has had a colorful and successful history in FIRST Robotics.

We are students from Webster Schroeder High School and Webster Thomas High School who consistently strive to be an innovative and game-changing team, and to represent our sponsors, including the Xerox Corporation and the Webster Central School District, the best we can.

The SparX Mission Statement:

In support of FIRST’s mission, we inspire students to excel in life as well as science and technology through various technology orientated activities. Gracious professionalism is our guiding principle. We strive to have the team of adults and students reflect the diversity within Xerox and the Webster School District.

Thank You Sponsors and Donors

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