Thank you to Our Sponsors

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Sponsor and Donor Levels of Support


  • Team picture and thank you
  • Name appears on Team Website

SPARX SUPPORTER – FLAME LEVEL: $500.00 to $999.00

  • Name appears on Team Website
  • Name appears on Open House Poster
  • Framed Team Picture and Thank You

SPARX BENEFACTOR – FIRE LEVEL: $1,000 to $1,999.00

  • Same as SparX Supporter, including –
  • Team visit with presentation of Framed Team Picture
  • Name appears on robot
  • Team Shirt

SPARX PATRIOT – BLAZE LEVEL: $2,000 to $9,999.00

  • Same as SparX Benefactor, including –
  • Name announced at regional events


  • Same as SparX Patriot, including –
  • Team and team supporter shirts shall include your name*
  • Name announced at both regional and championship events

Our Sponsors and Donors

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A leader in innovating how the world communicates and connects and works,helping companies deliver a breakthrough experience to improve and grow their business. Xerox provides to SparX financial support and mentors constantly since our founding in 2003

One Webster creates a futile learning environment for Webster NY Thomas and Schroeder High School students and allows SparX to use their Mentors, Facilities and Resources.

Accede works in Industrial, durable, tool room support, etc. Accede also has given former SparX students internships and challenging positions.

OptiPro specializes in precise Ceramics and optical systems. OptiPro helps build critical parts for the SparX robot that the Students can't make themselves.

Trident provides project management, process development, material resource planning, etc. Trident supports SparX by making critical parts for the robot and provides time urgent services

Curbell Plastics works in plastic fabrication, prosthetic. machine builders and sign builders, Curbell helps SparX by supplying material for the robot.

Boulter specializes in transportation, steel fabrication, warehouse storage, crane services, etc. Boulter has supported SparX for many years.

Ocusight works in general eye care and laser vision correction and etc. ocusight has been a donor to SparX for at least 8 years.

Schutts is a apple orchard business. Schutts allows SparX every fall to sell their delicious homemade fried cakes as a fundraiser for the coming seasons.

Penfield Applebee's is a restaurant that has been allowing SparX the last 5 years to use their facility to host our Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.

We're Switch. We're a bunch of crazy teenagers. We weren't made to do this life alone, so we don't. We take care of each other. We're in 6th grade. We're in 12th grade. And everything in between. We meet at UMC Webster on Wednesdays. We are glad to share the use of our trailer with SparX. Go SparX!