SparX Team for 2018:

INSPIRING Webster high school students to be Today's Leaders and Innovators

2018 post season fun stuff:

SparX and Rolling Thunder are Red Wing pre-Game Attraction

Webster's 1126 and Penfield's 1511 teamed up to entertain the fans attending the August 9 Red Wing Baseball game. Lots of enthusiasm, great fun, great weather, and a great game with the Wings coming out on top!

SparX and Rolling Thunder at Rochester Red Wings

SparX at Plank Road South June 18,2018

All the 5th graders at Plank South enjoyed a break from normal school work and actively participated in the final SparX demonstration for this school year. We played a video of Qualifier #18 at Buckeye which featured a SparX robot successful climb- a function we could not demonstrate live at school. After we described SparX and our build process we stacked Power Cubes on shelves. Then the students drove the robot and stacked cubes. With significant student encouragement the teachers got to drive the robot also.

Sparx demo Plamk S 6 18 2018 (3).MP4
Sparx demo Plamk S 6 18 2018 (1).MP4
Sparx demo Plamk S 6 18 2018 (4).MP4
Sparx demo Plamk S 6 18 2018 (2).MP4

SparX at Klem North Elementary School June 15, 2018

SparX gave a demo to students at Klem North. Lots of fun and we even got caught in a fire drill. We held the door open for the students. The students and the SparX team exited the building in record time - or so it seemed!

Sparx Klem N demo 6 15 2018 (1).MP4

SparX at State Road Elementary School June 13, 2018

The SparX team gave an in depth presentation to all the State Road students about FIRST Organization, The Robotics competition, SparX organization, our design process and subsystems, this year's game and of course our robot. The students we extremely attentive and asked many great questions. The teachers were very supportive and the custodial staff very helpful is setting up.

SparX at Xerox May 24, 2018

The equation: 180 students + 2.5 Robots + 2 crates + 50 Wiffle balls + Pizza = Serious FUN

SparX 1126 partnered with our friends at X-Cats 191 for the winners of the Xerox Science Consultant Program on May 24, 2018. About 180 4th and 5th graders from 11 Rochester, 7 Webster and one independent school attended. It was a lot of fun for all.

Sparx Demo Xrx Science new demo 5 24 2018 (1).MP4

SparX Demoed our Robot for the Scouts of Pack 383 at Plank Road North on May 21, 2018 to foster interest in FIRST and excitement for Science, Technology and mostly Robots. Our new 'Demo Mode' software allowed the Scouts to drive the robot. Looks like we'll have some great drivers when they get to high school!

SparX at Plank Road N. Pack 383

Congratulations to SparX Graduating Seniors

On 4/26/2018 SparX participated in the DeWitt Elementary School FIRST FLL Expo which culminated an exciting year for these students. We were impressed with their accomplishments and provided inspiration for what lies ahead in FIRST.

SparX at DeWitt FFL Expo April 26, 2018

At the DeWitt FLL EXPO:

JrFLL - Teams illustrate their research and team journey in a Show Me Poster, sharing what they studied and learned. Teams design and build a Team Model based on water waste and had to develop a solution for water conservation in a real-world setting representing what they have learned. Teams use LEGO® Education WeDo to build and program a model that moves, learning basic engineering and programming concepts. At our culminating expo, students displayed and explained their work to our team. 23 students participated in this program.

FLL - Guided by two or more adult coaches, 4 FIRST LEGO League teams consisting of 4th and 5th graders researched all about water – how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it, and were challenged to develop a solution. They also designed, built, and programmed a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS®. At our culminating expo, the teams competed on a table-top playing field. 27 students participated in this program

SparX Demo Xerox Bring Your Child to Work Day April 26, 2018

SparX 1126 - 4/26/2018 demo at Xerox with Mercy High- 2340 and Franklin High- 1450

Congratulations to the new SparX Team Leads for the 2018/2019 season that were elected April 18, 2018

Webster Arts Day SparX 4/14/2018

On April 14, 2018 SparX was a big hit with the kids at Webster Arts Day. They drove and fed cubes to our robot

SparX 1126 at Finger Lakes Regional March 17 2018

We made it it to the Quarter Finals

SparX at Buckeye Regional March 28 - 31 we Finished in the semi-finals Ranking 9th with a record of 10-4-0

Webster Central School District Administration visit SparX to offer expert direction