WMS Creative Arts Gallery

Welcome to the WMS Creative Arts Gallery. This is a website that showcases the creative arts of all WMS students. On this website, there will be all sorts of works, such as poems, music, songs, stories, and forms of art. All original works that are submitted and are school appropriate will be uploaded to this site.

Works can be submitted in the "Short Stories and Poems" box in the library, or through E-mail. Works must be school appropriate or will not be uploaded. Works can also not be plagiarized or stolen, or they will also not be uploaded. It is allowed for works that are asked to can be uploaded by an anonymous creator.

To submit works through Email or ask questions, E-mail the works to the address olbaca2021@webster-students.org. You can not upload your work to this website you have to email us and we will put it up for you. If it is wanted for the works to be anonymous, attach a note to the works saying so, or include it in the email. Non-digital art will be uploaded by using photos of the artwork.

This was created by the WMS 8th Grade students in Mr. Kelly's Class, Savannah Belsito, Eliana Lasell, Olivia Baca

WMS creative arts Gallery