Communication, Marketing and Sales Services.


The duration of the training is 3 working days, which is 21 hours.


  • Recognize (Identify), Observe and Calculate the technical and organizational measures necessary to adapt your company to digital, the new normality,
  • Realign the services which convey the company's values.

Implementations & Pedagogy


Introduction: allowing members of an organization to recognize the current issue and to situate themselves in relation to the elements that make up today's rapidly changing world:

  • the data,
  • technology,
  • the context collapse,
  • the fragmentation,
  • and the struggle most companies have coping.

  1. A very practical section to (re)define who I am, what I do, how and why I do things in relation to what exists,
  2. Mission and vision: break free of repetitive behavioral patterns and actually own my actions by understanding I have intent ,
  3. A clear look at what works and what doesn't work in terms of branding and the practical examination of social media,
  4. Identity, focus and grit: a look at these values and then an explanation of how they apply to business with practical steps,
  5. People, connections and communities: how business can leverage passion and energy into laser-focused practicalities.