Certification program for network members

Implement "The Sniper Mind Suite for Business"

  • Benefit from our training on a personal gain and to create new opportunities in your marketplace,
  • Certify by level of skills acquired,
  • Be part of an international network of marketing and business specialists.

The process that makes you evolve at your own pace

Step by step


You, your market and digital, the new normality

Established businesses and startups need our help to better grasp the framework they need to apply to raise their game in the 21st century and achieve more with less effort and smaller budgets.

Because we all have to manage the effects due to technology and the context collapse it has caused in marketing and its impact in business, we have created, with David Amerland, an onboarding process that educates, delights and inspires decision-makers at all levels of an organization.

Integrate our learning and coaching platform powered by The Sniper Mind for your personal benefit and to help your market progress with your area of expertise.


Become an outstanding-specialist

ROC for Recognize (Identify) - Observe - Calculate and DRIVEN because you may be smart but not driven"...

We help to achieve new performances by combining both digital hard skills and tactical soft skills.

And to monetize what we offer here as added value in your industry, whether it is consulting, marketing, digital solutions providers or training.

Discover the network of Leaders who participate in our program on the world map.


The first step has to be smart

It is first necessary to examine the elements that make up today's rapidly changing world, namely data, technology, the context collapse, the fragmentation and the struggle that most companies have coping, and have them recognized as the current issue.

How can we do this in a more fun way?

To find out, join our Google Classroom (if you have a Google Account) and enter the 4el15g1 code or go directly to our Quiz and let us guide you.

You will have the key arguments and be certified for having attended the ROC DRIVEN© workshop "Introduction to The Sniper Mind Suite for Business".


Let's show it to your world

By bringing this added value to your network, you stand out as part of a unique and attractive international initiative.

It is the opportunity to get powerful resources stemming from our framework to convince and convert your contacts at conferences and workshops, which we also organize with you.

By bringing together decision-makers at an event to show them the topography of an unprecedented change, it is first of all to help create the climate of trust necessary to generate leads.


Let's bring it to the entire world

We mainly use Google Drive and Canva to break the glass walls of collaborative and carry out e-mailing and social media content campaigns with the required accuracy and at no extra cost.

By applying what we learn here, we deliver the messages we need to get as close as possible to our audience and make it evolve.

This multidisciplinary strategy allows us to create opportunities together in a fragmented market due to the context collapse in marketing.


The Sniper Mind Suite for Business in action

The results are felt immediately; we get people to break free of repetitive behavioral patterns and actually own their actions by understanding they have intent.

Learning and certification are ongoing and the whole is a source of progress for individuals and teams, that really resonates with their market.

They evolve at their own pace to also learn how to create the ultimate shortcut to reach people, connections and communities, through the development of practical aspects focused on precision.


FREE for Consulting / Marketing / IT / Training Agencies

To create impact on your market, we propose, with one and single voice, to decision-makers at all levels of an organization, the framework they need to apply to raise their game with digital, the new normality.

We deliver a customizable method to help achieve new performances by combining both digital hard skills and tactical soft skills.

But first we have to get out of the repetitive patterns of the "tromblon (blunderbuss) approach", to evolve ideally in the precision of the sniper in order to achieve more with less effort and smaller budgets.