The Sniper Mind Suite for Business

With The Sniper Mind Suite for Business, you develop a professional mind in the precision of the sniper's to bring your analysis to an exceptional rational and predictive level in roles that influence, bring people together and manage them.


Realize that the more "invisible" the technology becomes, the more trust is based on the perception of real intentions, palpable through online interactions.


Identify behavioral styles through a digital interface, as well as face-to-face, and thus know what drives individuals and teams to act.


See how we can interact in a tactical and more productive way according to motivations and to complementarities based on natural understandings.

BEHAVIORAL Marketing AND Business

Behavioral targeting with data in all its forms is an alternative to the context collapse of the current marketing and its impact on business which requires the need for individuals and teams to readapt to a fragmented market.

We propose to decision-makers at all levels of an organization to better grasp the framework they need to apply to raise their game in this 21st century and to achieve more with less effort and reduced budgets.


But first we have to get out of the repetitive patterns of the "tromblon (blunderbuss) approach", to evolve ideally in the precision of the sniper to better think and better communicate in the fields of marketing, sales and management.

And it is through behavioral style identification that we can better understand the intentions of individuals and teams, both online and offline.

For that, we have created an onboarding process that educates, delights and inspires to these new digital and tactical skills for individual benefit and to create new opportunities.


Your consulting and operational coaching are master assets to bringing the driving forces closer to their market with digital, the new normality.


Your framework solutions strengthen technical and organizational implementations and optimize human relationships.


Our internationally renowned training courses make companies unique and valuable to their customers and teams.

The Sniper Mind BOOK

Like snipers, business leaders and executives are often confronted with decisions that must be made at a specific time, with high stakes, insufficient information, volatile variables and uncertain results. The pressure is immense.

The difference is that their brains have not undergone the same kind of training as that of a sniper. Unconscious of the decision-making systems they use, they often make mistakes in the way amateurs would do it. Sometimes, in a spectacular way.

The best-selling book The Sniper Mind - Eliminate Fear, Deal with uncertainty and Make better decisions is a neuroscientific study into how to apply practical steps for better decision making.


ROC for Recognize (Identify) - Observe - Calculate and DRIVEN because you may be smart but not driven ...

We have transposed the effectiveness of the spotter who accompanies the sniper into a customizable method to help you achieve new performances by combining both digital hard skills and tactical soft skills.

And it is also the international network of marketing and business specialists involved in our program :


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