Welcome to Grade 10 History Course

Here you will find all the PowerPoint presentations and the assignments/discussions for each lesson.

If you have any pending questions about the course work please e-mail me at: vitaliyb@web.bondacademy.ca


  • Unit 1 Soldier's Letter Home Assignment Due October 8th 2017
  • Unit 1 Test - October 27th 2017
  • Unit 2 The Roaring 20's Group Presentation Due November 20th 2017
  • Unit 2 Test January 17th 2018
  • Unit 3 World War II Timeline Feb 28th 2018
  • Unit 3 Test - April 18th 2018
  • Unit 4 Scrapbook Assignment - May 14th 2018
  • Unit 4 Student-Teacher Conference - May 16th 2018


  • Complete the first part of "Life is Beautiful" film questions for April 3rd
  • Homework for April 16th: complete textbook question on 307 #1.
  • Begin reviewing for Unit 3 Test that will take place on April 18th
  • Complete Thinking Questions about The Cuban Missile Crisis from Lesson 3 for May 2nd
  • Begin working on Unit 4 Scrapbook Assignment: In-class work period on May 7th.

PowerPoint Lesson Presentations

Lesson 1 - Causes of WWI.pptx

Lesson 2 - New Technology of WWI.ppt
Lesson 3 Life in the Trenches of WWI ppt.pdf
Lesson 4 - Canadian Battles of WWI.pptx
Lesson 5 The War at Home.ppt
Lesson 6 - The Treaty of Versailles.pptx
Lesson 7 Roaring-Twenties.ppt
Introduction to the Great Depression (best one).ppt
U2:L3 - Political Responses to the Great Depression.ppt
U3-L6 The Holocaust.ppt
U4-L1 Cold War.ppt
U3-L5 The Major Battles of WWII.ppt
U4-L2 The Cuban Missile Crisis.ppt
U4-L4 Korean-War.pptx
U4-L6 The Quiet Revolution.ppt

This is where you will find your FOR, AS and OF Assignments:

FOR/AS Learning: handouts, class work and homework

Lesson 4 - Major Canadian Battles.docx
Lesson 5 - The War at home.docx
Lesson 6 - The Treaty of Versailles - general facts.doc
The Roaring 20.docx
The Untouchables wksheet questions.doc
Unit 2 Lesson 3 The Great Depression.doc
Depression - Governments and Relief.doc
U3L1 Causes of World War II.docx
U3L2 - Canada's response to Fascism.docx
The Major Canadian Battles.doc
U3L3 - Road to WWII.docx
The Holocaust- Handout.docx
U3-L4 Blitzkrieg_handout.doc
The End of WWII and the Atomic Bomb.doc
Unit 4 Vocabulary.docx
The Cold War.doc
The Cuban Missile Crisis.doc
The Right to Health Care.doc
The Korean War.doc

OF Learning: Evaluations

Letter Home Assignment.doc
Unit One Test Review.doc
Unit 1 1920s Group Presentation.doc
Unit 2 Test Review.doc
Unit 3 World War Two Unit Culminating Assignment.doc
Unit 3 World War II Timeline Rubric.pdf
Unit 3 Test Review.doc
Unit 4 The Cold War Assignment.docx