Senior Kindergarten

Welcome to the SK class page. I will post classroom information as well as monthly learning updates under each subject.

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Classroom Information

  • FRIDAYS are library days, so please make sure your child brings back his/her book by the end of each week.
  • Please label ALL winter-wear and review the order in which to dress for recess: snowpants, boots, coat, and then hat and mittens.
  • SK Graduation will be on Wednesday, June 19th at 2:00 pm until 3:30 pm. More info will be sent home in May.
  • Reminder about toys at school: LCA allows toys to be brought to school, but with the knowledge that the toy is the child’s full responsibility and that it could get dirty or broken or get lost/go missing. I do not allow toys to be brought into the SK classroom (exceptions are made for sharing days) and toys are to stay in backpacks and only come out at recess time. Students are also not allowed to give away toys at school, as this could possibly cause hurt feelings for other students. Parents, if you choose to allow your child to bring a toy to school, please review these expectations with your child. Thanks.

Important Dates

Please see the purple April calendar for dates.


We will continue with our Language Centres this month and focus on sight words, short vowels, and story sequencing. We will also work on making personal connections with stories and telling our favourite parts. We will be introduced to some simple digraphs Ch, Th, Sh)

We will also continue to sound out 3-letter words as well as read sentences we make using our sight words.

Sight Words: your, play, with, help, little, big

(plus review of: I, am, a, girl, boy, he, she, is, and, days of the week, the, see, has, it, colour words, hello, love, from, look, at, in, on, do, you, like, to, yes, no, said, him, her, me, we, was, be, of, my, have, this that)

Letters: Xx, Yy, Zz (writing and sounds)


We will focus on shapes this month (2D and 3D). During carpet and calendar times, we will also work on patterning, number recognition and sequencing, learning and using ordinals to the 10th place. We will also continue to practice counting by 5s and 10s to 100.


We have finished the Lord's Prayer unit and are learning about the Easter story. After Easter, we will have a small unit on the Gospel and Missions before we start into the Armour of God in May.


We are in the middle of our Wonderfully Made unit. Students will learn about how God created our different body systems and how they all work together to help us live and grow. We have also created a Doctor's Office in our classroom.

We will also continue our Project-Based Learning project about Trees by writing Tree Stories to include in our Tree Book (which will be displayed at the Celebration of Learning and Grandparents' Day.