Senior Kindergarten

Welcome to the SK class page. I will post classroom information as well as monthly learning updates under each subject.

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Classroom Information

  • FRIDAYS are library days, so please make sure your child brings back his/her book by the end of each week.
  • Please regularly check and immediately replace your child's extra clothes in his/her blanket box and make sure they are seasonally appropriate.
  • Please save and send in any small boxes or other items (lids, crafts supplies) that you think students may use at our Creation Station.

Important Dates

  • 16th - Pizza Lunch
  • 21st - Prayer Pal Lunch
  • 23rd and 24th - LCA's Deck the Halls Christmas Shopping Experience
  • December 5th - Visit to the Riverside Retirement Residence - 2pm


We will continue with our Language Centres this month and focus on sight words and letter matching, names and sounds.

We will also begin to sound out 3-letter words as well as read sentences we make using our sight words.

Sight Words: the, see, has, it (plus review of: I, am, a, girl, boy, he, she, is, and, days of the week)

Letters: Cc, Ee, Oo, Aa (writing and sounds)


We will focus on sorting and classifying (what doesn't belong?) as we learn to identify sorting rules. We will also continue to explore numbers 1-10 and practice counting by 10s to 100. Our Math Centres will have many activities that will help us to explore sorting, numbers and counting. During carpet and calendar times, we will also work on patterning, number recognition and sequencing, learning and using ordinals to the 5th place.


We will continue with our unit on the Fruits of the Spirit, focusing on each fruit - what it means and how we can display it in our lives. We only have a few fruits left, and then we will begin talking about the Christmas story and learning our new Christmas memory work (to come home soon).


We are learning all about Canada as each of the students brings in things to "teach" the class. We will also focus on Remembrance Day and other important aspects about our country. Near the end of the month, we will begin our Christmas units on "Christmas Around the World" and "The Christmas Story."

We will also continue our Project-Based Learning project about Trees this month by visiting our tree and observing the fall changes.