Celebration of Learning

Welcome to the Grade 7 Celebration of Learning webpage from the spring of 2021. Below are samples of a number of different projects, assignments and activities the grade 7's did last year. Enjoy!

Celebration of Learning - Grade 7.mp4

Solid Foundations Video

This is the grade 7 portion of the video used for Solid Foundations. It is a quick overview of many of our activities.

grade 7 drums.mp4

Grade 7 Bucket Drumming

Way Maker Grade 7.mp4

Waymaker Video - Chapel

Prophecies About Jesus

Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus

Prophecies about Jesus can be found throughout the Old Testament. These are just a few of them that students used to create their slides.

Systems in Action Assignment Highlights

Systems in Action Unit Assignment

One slide was chosen from each student's presentation to create an overview of the class' work.

Tiny Houses - Celebration Website.mp4

Tiny Houses

The students can be seen here displaying the tiny houses they created.

Exodus Story.mp4

Exodus Story

Each student created a page detailing the Biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Book that Reads.mp4

Ad Project Video

For these Ad Projects, students had to invent their own product and create an advertisement for it.


Ad Project Video

Dream Recorder.mp4

Ad Project Video


Public Service Announcement

This is one of the public service announcements created by students to inform and warn about the dangers of addictive substances.

Grade 7 Photos.mp4


This is a brief selection of photographs taken this year.