Celebration of Learning

Welcome to the Grade 7 Celebration of Learning webpage from the spring of 2022. Below are samples of a number of different projects, assignments and activities the grade 7's did this year. Enjoy!

Exodus Mosaic - 2021.mp4

Exodus Mosaic

Each student created a page detailing the Biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Tiny Houses 2022.mp4

Tiny Houses

The students can be seen here displaying the tiny houses they created.

Vitamins and Minerals - Overview.mp4

Vitamins and Minerals Presentations

The students created slideshows to present their findings about a range of vitamins and minerals. Here is a selection of what they presented.

Structures in Science.mp4

Building Structures

The Grade 7's built several different structures in science class this year.

Grade 7 Photos.mp4


Here are a variety of photos from our class.