Westwood Environmental Education

This is the new site for our combined Westwood Garden Projects.

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Welcome to the Westwood Environmental Education (WEE) Site. Put together and monitored by a team of Westwood staff members, this site will serve as home base for our Westwood Garden Projects, which began in 2011 and continue to grow and expand in 2017.

Together with the Farm to School Program of LIVE54218, the goal of our team and projects is to teach students gardening, grow food for our school lunch program, and expose children to outdoor education.

Peggy Loritz and Chad Peterson serve as co-chairs of the Garden Planning Committee, with other staff members filling roles on sub-committees. Contact information for committee members is listed below. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or find out how you can get involved.

Peggy Loritz, 5th Grade Teacher: mloritz@wdpsd.com

Chad Peterson, 4th Grade Teacher: cpeterson@wdpsd.com

Jennifer Klika, 5th Grade Teacher: jklika@wdpsd.com

Scott Marsden, Westwood Associate Principal: smarsden@wdpsd.com

Bonnie Seiler, Music Teacher: bseiler@wdpsd.com

Jodi Bergner, 1st Grade Teacher: jbergner@wdpsd.com

Sue Lutz, 5th Grade Teacher: slutz@wdpsd.com