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This course is designed to give students a firm grasp of the critical social, political and economic events that shaped the early years of American history. The course will trace America’s development from a cluster of separate colonies to unified states at war for independence, and from an emerging republic to a nation divided. We will explore the role of identity in polarizing the American population between patriot and loyalist during the Revolutionary War, between federalist and anti-federalist in the establishment of the American government, between Yankee and rebel throughout the Civil War, and between the class divisions that arise during the Reconstruction period. In addition we will investigate the various factors that set this course of events into motion, marking the transition from “American Colonies” to the “American Nation”.

As an Honors level class, the coursework is designed to be challenging and to help develop analytical and critical thinking skills which will enable you to integrate the role of society, politics and the economy into our understanding of major themes and concepts in this course. In addition the curriculum stresses students’ development of solid writing, communication and researching skills.

To understand our future as a nation, we must understand our past.

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Period 3 - U.S. I ICR - brl2myd

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Period 7 - U.S. I CP - xfuo4ev