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Mrs. Graff's Mission and Philosophy

As your music teacher, I am dedicated to nurturing the whole musician, one who can hear, feel, understand, appreciate and create music. Every child should leave music class with an everlasting appreciation and love for music making.

When children learn music they learn so much more than just notes and rhythms on a page. In my classroom we talk about music as an expression of human emotion and feeling. We analyze the structures of music but also the meaning and purpose behind the composer's composition. I want my students to be able to evaluate and refine their own musical creations, articulate why they may or may not enjoy a piece of music, and appreciate the intent of the artist or composer.

Whether they're in music class or in 4th grade choir, Students will discover the different roles they play in a music ensemble. Music reinforces teamwork, demands self-discipline, and challenges creativity. Students will learn how to listen within an ensemble, and will learn to understand where their part fits into the group. Music helps develop determination and perseverance because it often takes more than two or three tries to learn a musical pattern, memorize a sequence or play in tune with others.

In music students will focus on we rather than me, a skill that develops empathy and compassion. We are a team and it takes teamwork for a musical ensemble to sound good and it takes true commitment to master the art and beauty of music.

When children learn to listen and work as a musical unit, aesthetic moments can be experienced and I try my best to help my students experience authentic musical moments.

I believe music education is an essential part of a well rounded education because it is uniquely different from any other subject area. Music offers elements to a child's life that can not be found in any other subject.

My ultimate goal as a music teacher is to foster my students aptitude for music, guide them through rich musical experiences and share with them a lifelong love and passion for music.

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Graff

Music Teacher and 4th Grade Choral Director