7th Grade Biology

Welcome to 7th Grade Biology! In seventh grade we cover the fundamentals of biology. We start with what it means to be alive, using microscopes, learning about biochemical building blocks and scientific method. We will build on these topics when we move on to study cells, cellular processes and plants.

In the second semester, we grow our foundation knowledge of cells to study human biology and healthy living. We start with organ systems functioning together and then focus on each system in more detail. In the second part of the year we will begin dissections.

There is not a prescribed textbook for this course however a reference presentation and materials will be provided through One Note at the start of each unit. There is an assessment at the end of each unit.

Middle School is a great time to develop your science literacy. I would encourage students to read widely on topics in science that interest them. There are some starting point links listed on these pages. Please bring ideas from your reading to class!

Find a link to flashcards for words we met in class below