VES Media Center

Our mission is to provide students, staff, and parents with resources to support and enhance classroom instruction while continuing to instill and promote a love for reading.

Who Are We?

Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Bearden work in the media center and are there to assist you whenever you need help. Just ask!!

Where are We?

You can find us across from the cafeteria and the front office on the main hallway.

When can you visit the media center?

We are open every school day from 7:20-2:20 pm. You can visit with your class or ask for a pass from your teacher to come independently.

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Learning Odyssey

See your child' teacher for his/her username and password.

Online Research

What all do we do in the media center?

During class time, we learn all kinds of things and practice skills that help support what you are learning in the classroom.

After you check out books, you can hang out in comfy areas around the media center and read.

If you have extra time, you might enjoy coloring on the coloring table or helping work the community puzzle.

You may want to come to the media center to work on some work or a project.

If we don't have a book you really want in our media center, fill out an "I wish our library had" slip so we can get a copy.