Masque and Mime

Welcome to Roy C. Ketcham High School's Masque and Mime Society!

Follow us on our Twitter: @rcktheatre

Officers for 2019-20

President: Glen Chitty

Vice-President: Katherine Speed

Secretary: Lexi Duryea

Treasurer: Ashley Kaswer

Fundraiser: Avery Nurzia

Get involved by joining a crew or auditioning for a part on stage!

  • Check the announcements page for upcoming events.
  • Use the Discord App to sign up for a crew - download the app on your phone, create an account if you don't have one already, follow the app instructions to join a new server, and use the invite code: 8Q8NMKj
  • Email any of the advisors for help getting involved: (Mz. Clifton: fall drama director, props & hair crew); (Pablo: spring musical director, lighting crew); (Mr. T: sound crew); (Mrs. Evaul: producer, publicity, costumes, make-up crew); (Mr. Evaul: set crew)

If you would like an advertisement in our program or would like to donate to our organization, please go to our "Forms" page by clicking the link above.


Crew Chief in Training= CCIT

COSTUMES: Emily Giovinazzi, Amelia Utrecht; CCIT: Tanner Eirish

HAIR: Morgan Padilla, Jaylian Bernal; CCIT: Angelyna Redding

MAKEUP: Alexis Hartley; CCIT: Chelsea Allen, Mia Caputo,

Sophia Simonetty.

PUBLICITY: Luke Moody, Gloria Bonham.

PROPS: Brooke Millard, Leo Morelli; CCITs: Kyrie Milkins, Elliot DiDonato

LIGHTING: Andrew Primrose, Liv Ricci; Senior Lighting Coordinator - Brian Kalinoski

SETS: Caroline Munoz, Grace Wright, Jada Mann; CCIT: Spencer Elman.

SOUND: Ashley Zuniga; Sound Engineer - Giovanni Chirico, T.J. Gallman; CCIT: Margaret Schlusser

BANQUET: Nonni Schwartz, Emma Westgate

STUDENT PRODUCERS: Callahan O'Shea, Joe Della Vecchia, Maddie Bartlett, Sophia Varon-Fowler.