Energy & Me


As a part of the Wappingers Central School District,  grade 4 students learn fundamental science core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts to enhance their understanding of the natural and designed worlds. In this unit, children learned about Energy systems. Specifically, the students explored Energy Definition, Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer, Relationship Between Energy and Forces, Natural Resources as well as Defining Engineering Problems. The learning involved guest speakers and google meets with Central Hudson employees  as well as hands-on investigations. 

In this Project Based Learning experience the students were presented with two driving questions and the story line posted below.

Driving Question:

How can we create a multimodality presentation displaying energy concepts for Central Hudson?

How can we create a social media template for Central Hudson to be shared with the community about responsible and sensible energy usage?


Central Hudson, our local utility company, is looking to expand their “Kids Corner” on their webpage. They would like to partner with Grade 4  students from Wappingers Central Schools because of your understanding of Energy; and of the Earth and Human Activity / Natural Resources. 

Central Hudson is actively committed to a cleaner energy future while continuing to provide reliable, resilient, and affordable power. 

They would like you to…

Student Products

Multimodality Presentation

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Grade 4 students from Sheafe Road Elementary and Gayhead Elementary worked in collaborative teams to create the final product, multimodality presentation. This presentation is interactive right on your device or it can provide you with an enhanced experience with VR goggles. In this experience you will learn about energy, energy transfer, energy distribution and energy conversion. 

Social Media Posts for Responsible Energy Use

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