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Doing Research at home and need a password?

Link to Google Doc with Resource Passwords- For WYWLA Students

Site: Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy

Student Login Information:

User ID: WakeID

Password: Student ID #

Teachers: Username is your WakeID; Password is"586employeenumber"

Troubleshoot Computer Problems: Usually, shutting down the computer fixes the issues.

  • WCPSS pushes out updates!

  • Problems with the microphone/speakers? It may be an update; shut down and try again!

  • The updates are pushed out by user id (in this case, student ID number).

  • The updates are "rolling;" not ALL students have the same problem, at the same time.

  • Shut down the computer each night. This will force the updates.

WakeID Portal: Login for Students

  1. Google Drive

  2. Google Classroom

  3. Outlook (student WCPSS email)

  4. Canvas

  5. PowerSchool

Spanish translations/instructions:

  1. Logging into WakeID Portal: http://mywakeid.wcpss.net/login.htm

  2. Logging into NCEdCloud: http://ps.wcpss.net/ncedcloud/