Disclaimer: WAKE-LINK is a service provided by WCPSS. The district does not endorse participating organizations and businesses. WCPSS makes no guarantee of safety or filtered internet access at WAKE-LINK partner locations. Parents, guardians, and students should use WAKE-LINK partner locations at their own discretion. While at a WAKE-LINK partner location, students are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct detailed below or risk loss of access.

WAKE-LINK, an initiative that aligns with the WCPSS Vision 2020 Strategic plan, exists to help students find a place to work and/or to access free WiFi outside of regular school hours. Current WAKE-LINK partners are listed on the map below. Please click on the red markers for specific information about each partner location. When visiting a WAKE-LINK location, students are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct posted at the bottom of this page.

Student Code of Conduct

*WCPSS teachers and staff have been asked to review the following expectations with students:

1. Students using the space of a Wake Link partner are expected to comport themselves in a way that is respectful to other customers and students.

2. Students are expected to use the space to work, alone or in small groups, on pursuing learning goals. Wake Link partnership sites are NOT to be used for purely social endeavors.

3. Students are not required to purchase any goods or services while working in a partner's space but are welcome to do so at their discretion.

4. Students will be asked to leave if a partner feels they are acting inappropriately and interfering with others using the space.

5. Students should not expect to receive any technical support from partners beyond the information necessary to connect to the wifi network.

6. Wherever possible, students should sit with other students in order to leave a maximum amount of space for customers.

Click on the .pdf below to download a copy of the Student Code of Conduct for your classroom or business.

Wake Link Student Code of Conduct.pdf