Ordering The 2019-2020 Yearbook

The Rolesville Middle School yearbook will be published by For every yearbook RMS purchases, a tree will be planted in its place by TreeRing. Each student can design Free 2 Custom Pages of their own yearbook after purchasing their yearbook. Visit, search for Rolesville Middle OR enter the school passcode 101469558029144 . You can create an account and buy a yearbook now or buy later, don't wait or you may not be able . This year we are offering the yearbook in two price options:

  • Softcover for $25.00
  • Hardcover $31.95

Discount Pricing Offered Aug-Nov

Special discounts will be automatically applied to your cart through each month beginning August 1st with 15% off your book price automatically at checkout. Final discount of 5% will be offered in the Month of November. No promo codes needed.

August 1- September 30th - 15% OFF

October 1-31st - 10% OFF

November 1-30th - 5% OFF

Custom Pages

The deadline to order and have your Free 2 Custom Pages is April 27th 2019, and the final day to order for free shipping is May 2nd 2019. Don't wait, order now, and start designing your own pages at Yearbooks will be distributed after EOGs throughout the month of June depending on your Track. Anyone who orders after deadline (June 1) can have a copy shipped to their house for an additional fee. If you have questions please contact Mr. Dalton (

All Sales Are Final Unless Cancelled Before Deadline-

All Matters Regarding Sales and Refunds Should Be Directed To TreeRing 877-755-8733

Rolesville Middle School Does Not Process Refunds

School Purchase Passcode: 101469558029144

After Deadline Orders - May 3rd

All orders after deadline will be charged an additional shipping fee and sent to the school. All orders after (TBA) will be charged the same shipping fee and sent home.

Designing Your Free Custom Pages

All students and parents who order a yearbook receive two free custom pages with their yearbook purchase. Designs must be completed and set to print ready by the deadline April 27th or you will not receive your custom pages.

Photo credit to our Girls On The Run Club

Submitting Photos To Yearbook

Sharing photos means more pictures in the yearbook. Anyone can submit photos to our yearbook simply by adding pictures to the Community Shared Folders of the book. We categorize our photos by sports, clubs, and grade level, so that we can add the best photos possible to our yearbook. It's never easy getting to everything that happens at our school, but with your help we can capture our best moments.