Frequently asked questions

If my child was identified as Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted in elementary school, will they be identified in middle school?

  • Yes, AIG identification follows a student to middle school.

Will I need to contact you regarding my rising 6th grade AIG student?

  • AIG identification carries over from elementary to middle school within WCPSS. AIG records are sent along with cumulative folders. We receive reports which indicate the names of our AIG students and their area(s) of identification.

If my child was identified as gifted in another school system, what process is followed to pursue identification in WCPSS?

  • We have a transfer/ reciprocity process that will occur once we are notified that a student was AIG/Gifted in another school system. A review of all gifted documentation from the other school system is required before a student can transfer into our program.

My child is not already identified as gifted but I believe he/she shows potential. (Likewise, my child is already identified in one area, reading or math, but I believe he/she shows potential in the other area). What do I do?

  • Parents may nominate their child for AIG testing. A written nomination is required and may be sent via email to the AIG teacher. There are two testing windows per year- one each semester.

  • Once a nomination is received, data is collected including EOG performance, teacher and parent observational checklists, student work samples and student grades. This information is shared with our School Based Committee for Gifted Education (SBCGE) who makes the decision on whether or not to refer the student for evaluation.

      1. If the committee decides to refer a child for an AIG evaluation, both the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (IOWA) are group administered.

      2. The SBCGE reviews all test scores in conjunction with previously collected data and determines if: (a) the student qualifies for services, (b) the student does not qualify for services or (c) additional individual testing is required to determine eligibility.

  • This process takes a semester to complete with students who qualify for the program beginning services at the start of the following semester.