Ms. Daniel's Delightful Dinosaurs


My name is Crys Daniel. I hope everyone had an awesome summer. I am so excited to be teaching kindergarten again this year! This will be my second year teaching kindergarten here at Pleasant Union, and I am looking forward to working with you and growing with you this school year. This will be an exciting year filled with exploring, learning, new friends, adventures, and memories. I hope to instill a love of learning, inspire creative exploration, and provide a challenging and nurturing environment.

In our cassroom...

You are cared about and special. We will learn to be kind and to treat everyone with respect. We will learn to appreciate each other's uniqueness, and we will work together to help your gifts, talents, and strengths shine. You will learn self-confidence and independence through lots of fun and enriching small group, whole group, and one-on-one activities. I'm looking forward to learning all about each of you!

Class Motto

Kind is the new cool!

Class Mission Statement

Our mission is to work together every day to learn, be kind, and try our best. We will work hard every day, smile, and have fun while we grow and learn to be globally-minded citizens.

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