General Information


Welcome to my site: Mrs. Gabbard's Information Station! I hope you will find the information here helpful and a way to keep students and parents "in the know". Thank you for visiting!

Welcome Chargers! I am so excited for our journey to begin! Everyone here at AFMS has worked hard to make your new school the best place to learn and grow. I could not be more excited! As we begin the school year, I would love to share a bit more information about myself and look forward to learning more about my students and their families.

I have been an educator with Wake County for going on 29 years now. It has been a wonderful journey to arrive at the point I am today. I've worked with students ranging from grade 3 age all the way up to high school age in varying roles and capacities. I am excited to be focusing on language arts this year and the wonderful novels and texts we will read together and share thoughts and ideas about over the coming months. Our journey will be vast and exciting and I know each of you will have connections and rich history to add and share with your classmates and me.

On a personal note, I am an avid sports fan. I enjoy football, basketball, baseball, swimming/diving, and extreme action sports. On weekends, you will find me watching my beloved Wolfpack and Steelers. Since my husbands side of the family has strong Ohio ties, I also have to pull for the Buckeyes. I love the beach and spent my childhood in Florida as my dad was a part of the Space Program. My love for education comes from both of my parents as my mother was a school secretary for many years and, well, my father is a rocket scientist. My family is blended and between my husband, Mike, and I, there are 4 children. Their ages are 35, 33, 27 and the youngest is a 9th grader and will be attending AFHS! We are also dog lovers so we have an 11 year old boxer named Hannah.

I look forward to learning about each of you and sharing more about myself as we build relationships and uncover brilliance by growing hearts and minds!

Kind regards,

​Mrs. Gabbard