Required Homework: 20 minutes of reading 4-5 times a week

  • Home Reading Bags with Books- go home each day, Monday-Thursday
  • Raz-Kids (required log-in)
  • You can split up the time (two 10 minute sessions, four 5 minute sessions)
  • There are no sheets going back and fourth from school to home. The Home Reading Bags with Books are the only items going home and being returned to school

Supplemental Homework: You complete what you think is best as a parent. The information below is not required.

  • Education Galaxy (required log-in)
  • Practice Sight Words/Spelling Words
  • Math Games
  • Sunshine Math (online PDF resource with math activity sheets)
  • Math Stars
  • Practice Math Facts
  • Write in a journal about experiences/activities with your family and friends
  • Create your own story
  • Other: cooking with your kids, playing math games, creating things with your kids using materials at home