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Mrs. LAmm'S Global Learners

AIG NOMINATIONS FOR FALL ARE BEING ACCEPTED UNTIL 12:00 NOON ON OCTOBER 8, 2021. Please CoMPLETE THE AIG NOMINATION FORM. (Note: All 3rd and 4th graders who ARE not currently AIG identified will be tested this school year. You do not need to nominate these students. Questions? Email: glamm@wcpss.net


When: OctoBer 7th @ 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (45 minutes)

Where: Virtual: meet.google.com; code: Lammlions

Academically and Intellectually Gifted

The purpose of the Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program is to provide an appropriately challenging educational program for students who perform, or show potential for performing, at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment. Academically or intellectually gifted students exhibit high performance capability in intellectual areas, specific academic fields, or in both intellectual areas and specific academic fields. Academically or intellectually gifted students require differentiated educational services beyond those ordinarily provided by the regular educational program. Outstanding abilities are present in students from all cultural groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor. https://www.wcpss.net/aig

MEET & Greet with Ms. Lamm

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LAMM Meet and Greet the Teacher 2020