Unit 2 - Polynomial Fxns



2-A: Modeling Review

2-B: Power Fxns

2-C: Zeros of Polynomial Fxns

guided notes

2-D: Real Zeros of Polynomial Fxns

guided notes

2-E: Complex Numbers

2-F: Complex Zeros of Polynomial Fxns


STEM Industries Project

Project Resubmissions

  • You may re-submit your project by next Friday, March 8th, 2019, with corrections made in each area where points were taken off and all comments addressed. You can earn up to half the points missed back.
  • In addition, you may update your model and predictions to more clearly show your model as it extends past your actual data set into the domain of at least 2050. Visually show where your predictions are on your model and whether or not they are realistic and why. You can earn up to 5 extra points back for this update.
  • Turn back in the hard copy of the rubric when corrections and updates are completed. Please ask Mr. Flory for clarification anywhere there were points taken off as to why if not clear. No late re-submissions will be accepted.