Math Units & Lessons

Unit 3: Equations

Unit 3 Vocabulary

3.1 Solving One-Step Equations by Adding/Subtracting

3.2 Solving One Step Equations by multiplying and dividing

3.3 One Step Equations with Fractions and Decimals

3.4 Two Step Equations

3.5 Multistep Equations

3.6 Consecutive Integers, Word Problems and Equations

3.7 Writing Equations to Solve Word Problems

Sd36-39 Hands on Equations Exit Ticket

Sd37-40_Hands-On Practice 1

Sd37-40_Hands-On Practice 2

Sd37-40_Hands-On Student Packet

Sd37-40_Hands-On Practice 3

Sd41_One-Step Equations with Rationals

Sd41_Homework One Step with Rationals

Sd41_One-Step Equation Dominoes with Rationals

Sd42-43_Pass the Card With Rational Numbers

Sd42-43_Bingo-Two Step Equations-Integers Only

Sd42-43_Two-Step Equations Dominoes Integers Only

Sd42-43 Pass the Card With Rationals-Instructions

Sd42-43_Two Step Equations with Rationals

Sd44-46_Guided Practice Multi-Step Equations

Sd44-46_Formative Assessment Multi Step

Sd44-46_Versatiles Multi Step

Sd44-46_Multi-Step Equations-Square Puzzle

Sd47_Word Problems Hands On Equations

Sd47_Guided Practice Word Problems Hands On

Sd48-49_Redmediation-Practice Writing Equations

Sd48-49 HW-Writing Equations

Sd48-49_Writing Equations with Rationals

Sd48-49_Practice Writing Equations With Integers

Sd48-49_Word Problem Equation Puzzle

Sd50-51_Possible Assessment Options

Sd50-51_SAMPLE Test Review Sheet