Technology Engineering & Design


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Music Requests

Whenever we are working on assignments/projects in my room I almost always have music playing. Have a song you would like to add to the playlist? Submit your request here!

Make sure that it is school appropriate (clean language, no suggestive lyrics, etc). If you wouldn't want your parents or grandparents to hear it, I don't want it!! I will take each suggestion into consideration.

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Remediation Plan for TED students

If a student receives a 74% or lower on a test/quiz they will be allowed to retake the assessment. The retake score will be averaged with the original score & documented in the comment section of Gradebook (if retake is lower, student will keep the original score). Only one retake opportunity will be given. Student will meet with Mrs. Frazer to go over missed items and will set a date/time to retake the assessment (during SMART Block, typically within a week, or during class if time allows). Retakes and redos for projects will NOT be permitted.

BYOD in the TED room

Students must ALWAYS ask for permission to use their personal devices while in Mrs. Frazer's classroom. We have 18 laptops for student use and will primarily use them because they are compatible with our 3D design software, Google SketchUp. It is expected that students will keep their device face down on their desk, in their bag, or in the "parking lot" when it is not in use. Failure to do so will result in "IMPACT punches" and other possible consequences.