INSTRUCTIONS (this is NOT part of the game). Today you will try your skills at a digital breakout. The rules are very similar to a physical breakout room except it will be done totally online. There will be a Google Form with 5 locks. You must find the codes to ultimately "breakout" of the game. The links and the pictures on the website will be useful in helping you discover the codes. Read carefully and pay close attention to details in the pictures, video clips, and passages. Some items on the page will serve as distractors and will not be used for the game play at all. YOU have to be super sleuths to figure out which ones are important and which ones are not. Each team may use one "hint" during their quest. To use a hint, just text Ms. Jones and we will pop into your Google Meet and give your team a hint. The first team to unlock all 5 locks, reveal the secret code, and text it to Ms. Jones first will be the CHAMPION!

Now...Let the Game Begin!

Oh no...a PLT meeting at the end of the day? You and your team are sitting in the conference room ready for the meeting to begin when you hear the door slam shut. Hmmmm....the draft must have caused that to big deal..."let's get this meeting going" someone says. You and your team get so involved in Kid Talk, collaborative planning and brainstorming the time flies by and you realize your team is the last one left in the building. You finish up your last agenda item and everyone starts packing up their belongings. The first person says goodbye and heads to the door to realize you are locked in the conference room with no one else around. The building has such bad reception your cell phones won't work. Oh no...what are you going to do? You notice a combination lock on the back of the door and start to notice clues around the room. You and your teammates will need to RISE UP and get the right combinations to escape the conference room before everyone gets stuck for the weekend. Don't panic, settle down, look at all clues carefully, and work together! It's up to you!

Art work in the Conference Room

Hmmm....a puzzle a student was working on.

Ms. Jones had this cued up on the TV. Wonder why she wanted us to see it?

Conference Room Trash Can

Conference Room Bookshelf