Career Services

What is Career Services?

Career Services is an on-campus career development service that operates under the School-to-Career Division of Career and Technical Education within the Wake County Public School System. It is the central hub for career and leadership development for Millbrook High School students. School-to-Career prepares every student to make knowledgeable career choices through academic rigor and work-based learning experiences.

Ms. Darlene Frazier is the Career Development Coordinator that links the business community to students in order to prepare them to make a real-world connection and informed decisions for post-high school planning. The goal is to graduate college, career, and citizenship-ready future leaders! Please contact me at or 919-850-8787 ext. 21140

School-To-Career assists students in preparing for the workplace through:

** School-Based Learning

** Work-Based Learning

** Connecting Activities

Students learn and develop skills in three areas:

  • Hard Skills: Higher Skills in mathematics, problem solving, occupational skills.

  • Soft Skills: Ability to work in teams, communication, career management.

  • Ability To Use A Personal Computer to carry out basic tasks, i.e. word processing.

School-to-Career Experiences

By the end of ninth grade, students should have:

  • identified personal attributes and interests to consider in choosing a career.

  • explored career opportunities online.

  • established a graduation plan.

By the end of tenth grade, students should have:

  • opportunities in career shadowing.

  • updated the graduation plan.

  • developed resume writing skills.

By the end of eleventh grade, students should have:

  • opportunities in career shadowing and internships.

  • taken the PSAT, SAT, and ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).

  • finalized plans to meet graduation requirements.

  • explored career opportunities in the Career Center.

  • worked on developing a post-high-school plan.

By the end of twelfth grade MHS students should have:

  • participated in an internship.

  • developed interviewing skills.

  • fulfilled the graduation plan by meeting all graduation requirements.

  • finished developing and begun implementing a post-high-school plan.