ARES Library Media Center

About Us

Ms. Cara McConnell

Library Media Coordinator

Anything you need - just email me :)

2020-21 Hello video

McConnell 2021-22 Hello Video.MOV

Ms. McConnell's Favorite Things:

Store/Restaurant: So & So Books, Thai food (spicier the better!), Starbucks, Target

Likes/Hobbies: Travel and adventure, a great pair of running shoes on a clear Carolina day, yoga in a sunny room

Favorite Treat: Warm nut butter and a crisp/cold apple, cold brew coffee with coconut milk

Color: Green (like a Shamrock!)

Overdues, Lost Books, & Fines

If a student loses a book, the parent may pay for the replacement of the book using the online system.

  • ARES does not charge for overdue books.

  • If a student or family is worried about paying for a book, have them contact Ms. McConnell directly.

  • Fines are not charged for accidental damage or other circumstances out of student control.

Student Book Checkout Info

  • Grades K-2 = 3 books (K and 1 will work our way up to 3, currently at 2 books each)

  • Grades 3-5 = 5 books

  • Any student is able to exceed their limit if extra books are needed for projects & classwork.

  • All students may keep books until they're done with them. Technically the system says 1 month, but our policy is - they're due when their done! We do not charge late fees.

  • Students ARE allowed to take books over track out! In fact, they are encouraged to :)

  • How many books your heart needs checked out at one time cannot necessarily be quantified :)

Teacher Checkouts

Teachers have UNLIMITED checkouts!

You are welcome in the Media Center at any time to browse and select books. If you'd like us to gather books for you, just email a list of titles! You can also send something vague like, "I'd like a mixture of nonfiction and picture books about school" and we'll do the hunting for you! Just make sure you send an amount of books or you might end up with 50! :)

Library Passes & Independent Check Out

  • Every classroom will be given 2 library passes - these should be used any time a student is given permission to visit the Library Media Center independently. Please do not send more than 2 students at a time.

  • The Library Media Center opens first thing in the morning, but students must go to class first and check-in before coming to the Library Media Center to get new books.

  • There is no check-out during dismissal (all library visits should wrap up by 3:15 pm).

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