On Saturday October 15th 2022, all roads will lead to Chillicothe Ohio as World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling presents The Great Fall Bash, sponsored by New Law Office and Double D's Auction House! See all of your favorite Legends & Superstars from yesterday, today & tomorrow! There will be Legends & Stars appearing from WWE, WCW, ECW, & other major wrestling promotions! There will be a Fan Fest where you can meet your favorite stars & purchase souvenirs from 1pm-6pm! There will be a Pro Wrestling Super Show, beginning @ 6:30pm! All tickets include Fan Fest!

The Great Fall Bash Headliner Guest!

The Big Red Machine Kane

$100 Combo - $60 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-4pm

Great Fall Bash Super-Ticket Guests!

1 Autograph & 1 Photo Op from each of the Super-Ticket Guests for $300, includes General Admission!

**Kane IS NOT included!**

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

$60 Combo – $40 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 3-6pm

Erik Redbeard fka Erik Rowan of the Wyatt Family

$40 Combo-$25 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

"Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr

$40 Combo – $25 Photo Op or AutographAppearing 1-6pm

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

$40 Combo-$25 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

Bushwhacker Luke

$30 Combo - $20 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

The Warlord

$30 Combo-$20 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

The Barbarian

$30 Combo-$20 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

Baby Doll

$30 Combo-$20 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

"The Berzerker" John Nord

$40 Combo-$25 Autograph or Photo OpAppearing 1-6pm

Bobby Fulton

$20 ComboAppearing 1-6pm

Shark Boy

$20 ComboAppearing 1-6pm


Jerry "The King" Lawler

Tony Hunter

"Total Package" Lex Luger

Tony Hunter Promotions

"Nightmare Freddy" Doug Gilbert

"The Pitbull" Gary Wolf

Sam Houston

Kevin Sullivan's Purple Haze

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

Bobby Blaze

Thom Latimer

New South Wrestling


New South Wrestling

NWA Women's Champion Kamille

New South Wrestling

Ariane Andrew fka Cameron

New South Wrestling

"Total Protection" Mr. Hughes

ACW Wrestling Presale

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas

ACW Wrestling Presale

"Super-Star" Bill Dundee

Rex Luther Promotions

Kongo Kong




The Iron Russian #1

Superman Onyx

Riley Matthews

Queen of the Ring Grand Prix Champion

Big Mama

"The Chosen" Josh Benson

"The Show" Robby Super-Starr

"Live-Wire" Sean Casey

"The Good Doctor" Dillon Hines

The Chairman of the Board of Big Time Wrestling

Ref Keith Smith

Announcer Rick Toms

Official Hotel of The Great Fall Bash:

Christopher Inn & Suites is the official hotel of Big Time Wrestling's The Great Fall Bash, the place where the stars will stay. The Group Rate is $94.95 per night plus tax, it is the rate from Friday October 14th to Sunday October 16th.

You can receive the rate by calling Christopher Inn in Chillicothe @ 740-774-6835, and tell them you're with Big Time Wrestling Group.


Q: How can I receive my tickets?

A: Tickets will be able to be mailed, or you can have them printed out on your printer. This is up to you.

Q: What do the Premium and General Admission tickets include?

A: Admission to the Fan Fest and Live Wrestling Event. All autographs and photo ops are additional.

Q: Will the Wrestlers be signing autographs and taking photos?

A: This is the main purpose of the fan fest to get autographs and photo ops with the wrestling personalities. There is a fee for each autograph and photo op.

Q: What is a vendor guest?

A: A vendor guest is a talent contracted by an outside vendor to appear at their booth to sign autographs and take pictures. These are NOT BIG TIME WRESTLING talent.

Q: How can I purchase tickets?

A: Tickets are available exclusively through this website. Payment method we accept is PAYPAL. You do not need a PAYPAL account to purchase tickets you just need to follow the links to purchase.

Q: Can I use my own camera to get a photo taken with a wrestler?

A: Yes, we no longer use Polaroids so it is necessary to bring your own camera. We have staffers to take your picture or you can have a trusted friend take the pictures for you.

Q: Why do you charge me to use my own camera to take a picture with a guest?

A. People fail to realize we run a business. We have guests contracted to sign and take photos for a set amount of time. They do not work for free. The hotel, airfare, meals and other expenses are not free. I feel we keep our prices as low as possible. With us not charging for each photo op during the session it would not generate the required funds to keep these shows running. Our events are very expensive to produce.

Q: Can I get my own items signed?

A: Yes! You can get your own items signed, for a fee. Bring as many items as you want!

Q: Why do you charge me for each Autograph? Why can't I get multiple signatures for free?

A: Once again these events are expensive to run! We keep the admission price what it is to make it family friendly and also so the fans can pick and choose who and what they want signed. This way is much more efficient and FAN FRIENDLY. Doing it any other way would create an undesirable experience for those attending!

Q: Will mail order be available?

A: We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any personal items sent in to be signed. SEND AT YOUR OWN RISK. We must have ALL funds and ALL items in at least 2 weeks before show time. Please mark all your items with "post-its" and inventory your items for our convenience. You can either PayPal the amount or you can send a money order of the amount. We will also have 8x10s available for mail-order. You must include return shipping!