World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling Champions

Vacant is the current Legends American Grand Prix Champion!


  1. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

  2. Jackie Fulton

  3. The Sandman

  4. Rob Van Dam

  5. The Barbarian

Pro Wrestling's Justice League Tyler "The Flyer" Robinson and "Superman" Onyx are the Ohio State Tag Team Champions! They won the championship August 2017 in Urbana Ohio at the Champaign County Fair when they fought The World Famous Playboy's Sensational Superstars for the championship!


  1. Rock n Roll Express

  2. The Bullet Club King Haku & Chase Owens

  3. Darkness World-Wide

  4. Team Franchise

VACANT is the Triple Crown Champion! War Eagle won the Triple Crown Championship at November to Remember in November 2018 at Unioto HS in Chillicothe Ohio in a match against "The Show" Robbie Super-Starr for the vacated championship!


  1. Rob Van Dam

  2. 2 Cold Scorpio

  3. Shane Douglas

  4. "Amazing" N8 Mattson

The Queen of the Ring Championship is vacant! March 12th a champion will be crowned!


  1. Amber Nova

  2. Natalia Markova

  3. Big Mama

  4. Rebel

  5. Melina

World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling has many World Classic legends and stars who are part of the roster! Here are some of the great legends and stars that appear at World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling events!