Reunion in the Roundtown

On Saturday March 14th 2020, all roads will lead to Circleville Ohio's Fairgrounds Heritage Center as Stephen P New Law Office and Big Time Wrestling presents The Reunion in the Roundtown! See all of your favorite Legends and Superstars from yesterday, today and tomorrow! There will be Legends and Stars appearing from WWE, WCW, ECW, and other major professional wrestling promotions! There will be a Fan Fest where you can meet all of the stars, purchase souvenirs and listen to Q&As taking place from 12-4pm! There will be a live professional wrestling event, which will begin @ 6:05pm! All Premium Ticket Holders (Platinum, Super and Premium Floor Seat Tickets) will be able to enter the Fan Fest 1hr early, and will be able to attend the Fan Fest from 11am to 5pm! General Admission Ticket Holders will be able to attend the Fan Fest from 12pm to 5pm!


WCW Legend Fantastic Bobby Fulton will be appearing from 1pm to 5pm at Reunion in the Roundtown! Everyone that has an admission ticket to the Fan Fest will be able to have 1 Item Signed from Bobby! We will have 8x10s, T-Shirts, Programs and other items available for sale, or you may bring your own item for him to sign.

$20 Combo- $15 Photo Op or Autograph- $25 Pro Photo Op


1 Pro Photo Op & 1 Autograph from 2 of the Headliners included in the Platinum Ticket, Meet & Greet can be purchased separately in advance or at Reunion in Roundtown.

The Four Horsemen will be available for autographs and photo ops from 3-6pm!

Group Pro Photo Op and Autograph- $100; only 200 4-Horsemen Meet & Greets Available!

"The Mind Behind the Horsemen" JJ Dillon

Pro Photo Op $35 – Autograph $25 –$50 ComboPresented by Stephen P New Law Office

"The Fourth Horseman" Barry Windham

Pro Photo Op $35 – Autograph $25 –$50 ComboPresented by Stephen P New Law Office

"The Enforcer" Arn Anderson

Pro Photo Op $35 – Autograph $25 –$50 Combo

Tully Blanchard

Pro Photo Op $35 – Autograph $25 –$50 Combo



There will be 200 Super Tickets & 40 Platinum Tickets available! You can purchase guest combos separately from the Super Ticket; Autographs, Photo Ops, Combos and Pro Photo Ops can be purchased day of event.

Super Ticket Blocks:

  • Block 1 (12-2pm): Dan Severn, The Gangstas, Tommy Rich, Kevin Sullivan, Francine & Boogeyman
  • Block 2 (2-4pm): Road Warrior Animal, Midnight Express, Nikita Koloff, Sheepherder Luke, Baby Doll & Superstar Dundee

LOD Road Warrior Animal

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"Midnight Express" Beautiful Bobby Eaton

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"Midnight Express" Lover-Boy Dennis Condrey

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

Dan "The Beast" Severn

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"Comin2Getcha" The Boogeyman

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"WildFire" Tommy Rich

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"The Prince of Darkness" Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"The Perfect 10" Baby Doll

$20 Combo – $15 Photo Op or Autograph

"The Original Gangsta" New Jack

$20 Combo – $15 Photo Op or Autograph

Mustafa Saed

$20 Combo – $15 Photo Op or Autograph

"Queen of the Extreme" Francine

$20 Combo – $15 Photo Op or Autograph

Sheepherder Luke

$25 Combo – $20 Photo Op or Autograph

"Superstar" Bill Dundee

$20 Combo – $15 Photo Op or Autograph



"The Franchise" Shane Douglas


The Sandman

B&C Wrestling

The Blue Meanie

B&C Wrestling

"The New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn

B&C Wrestling

Dominic DeNucci

B&C Wrestling

CW Anderson

Branndon Kelley Championships

"Fonzie" Bill Alfonso

Mr. Curtis Hughes

Ralph Terrazano Wrestling Collectibles


Austin Idol Wrestling College

Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell

Regoli Transport LLC

"The Midnight Express" "The Controversial" Jim Cornette

All Merchandise Sales Go To Southern Ohio Survivors

"Rock n Roll Express" Ricky Morton

Austin Idol Wrestling College

Abdullah the Butcher

Abdullah the Butcher INC

Ernest "The Cat" Miller

Ernest "The Cat" Miller INC

Missy Hyatt

Eddie & Rachel's Wrestling Collectibles

"The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant

Duke "Dumpster" Droese

Shadow Entertainment Pre-Sale:

Sam Houston

Shadow Entertainment Pre-Sale:


Shadow Entertainment Pre-Sale:

"Re-Enforcer" Andrew Anderson

Shadow Entertainment Pre-Sale:

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

Shadow Entertainment Pre-Sale:

Bugsy McGraw


The Pit Bull #1 Gary Wolf

Les Thatcher

3 Crows Entertainment

Brian Logan

3 Crows Entertainment

White Lightning Tim Horner

3 Crows Entertainment

"The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez

Austin Idol Wrestling College

"Big" Jim Lancaster

Ohio Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

Cowboy Johnny Mantell

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

Dirty Rhodes

"Flyin" Brian Pillman Jr

"Amazing" N8 Mattson

Superman Onyx

The Iron Russian #1

"Mgr. of Darkness World-Wide" Barnabas Spector


SP The Ghost

"Sexy" Sean Casey & Big John


Lord Zoltan

Mr 90210 Danny Banks

Golden Terror

Bulldog Chad Byrd

Tyler the Hi-Flyer

Mecha Mercenary

Apocalyptic Eric Fallen

"The Voice of Reunion in Round-Town" Hank Hudson

(Will host Q&As and Ring Announce the Matches)

Official Hotel of Reunion in Round-Town:

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is the official hotel of Reunion in Round-Town, the place where the stars will stay. The Group Rate is $119.20 per night plus tax, it is the rate from Thursday March 12th to Sunday March 15th. You can receive the rate by calling the Holiday Inn in Circleville at: +1 (740)-420-7771, tell them you are with the Big Time Wrestling Group.


We have many Vendors signing up for this HUGE Professional Wrestling Event!

We'd like to thank our Vendors:

  1. Shadow Entertainment
  2. B&C Wrestling
  3. Eddie & Rachel's Wrestling Collectibles
  4. Gimmick Tree Entertainment
  5. The Jim Cornette Experience
  6. Branndon Kelley Championship Belts
  7. Ralph Terrazano Wrestling Collectibles
  8. 3 Crows Entertainment
  9. Ohio Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame
  10. John McCoy Action Figures

Ohio Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

  • Posthumous Induction of Flying Brian Pillman Sr. will be represented by Brian Pillman Jr.- Inducted by Kevin Sullivan
  • "Wild-Fire" Tommy Rich- Inducted by Rock n Roll Express Ricky Morton
  • "Big" Jim Lancaster- Inducted by Fantastic Bobby Fulton
  • Posthumous Induction of Chief White Owl- Inducted by Tatanka
  • Dominic DeNucci- Inducted by "The ECW Franchise" Shane Douglas


Since photography was invented, photographs have been a very important part to the sport of professional wrestling. We have hired Scott Romer to do Pro Photo Ops at Reunion in the Roundtown. Scott has taken photos for WWE, Japan, WCW, Big Time Wrestling Detroit, and other major promotions and territories, as well as boxing events for the past 40 years. He will be handling all of the Pro Photo Ops at Reunion in the Roundtown. We will have many legends and stars participating in Pro Photo Ops, and we will create some awesome scenes for the photo ops as well as some rare combinations of wrestlers for Photo Ops. If you have purchased a Pro Photo Op, you must show up at the time of the Pro Photo Op!

Your Pro Photo Op will include a digital copy of your photo, but you can purchase a 5x7 print of your photo for $10 and have it autographed by the stars in it for free!

Pro Photo Op Times:

  • 12:00-12:30– The Godfather/Kama
  • 12:30-1:00– The Midnight Express (Eaton, Condrey & Cornette)
  • 1:00-1:30– Old School Rivals (Sheepherder Luke & Fantastic Bobby)
  • 1:30-2:00– Road Warrior Animal, Nikita Koloff, Bill Dundee & Baby Doll
  • 2:00-2:30– The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa)
  • 2:30-3:00– Fantastic Fulton, Rock n Roll Morton & Midnight Express
  • 3:00-3:30– Papa Shango & The Boogeyman
  • 3:30-4:00– Francine, Dan Severn, Tommy Rich & Kevin Sullivan
  • 4:00-5:00– The Four Horsemen (Anderson/Blanchard/Windham/JJ Dillon)


There will be 4 30-minute Q&A Sessions during the Fan Fest as well as an after-party Q&A. The 4 Q&A Sessions during the Fan Fest will be included with admission, while the after-party Q&A will cost an additional fee.

  1. Midnight Express Q&A w/ The Controversial Jim Cornette, Beautiful Bobby Eaton & Lover-Boy Dennis Condrey- 12-12:30
  2. History of Memphis Wrestling w/ Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant- 1-1:30
  3. Extremely Infamous Rivals w/ Raven & Sandman- 3-3:30
  4. The History of Professional Wrestling in Ohio w/ Big Jim Lancaster & Wildfire Tommy Rich- 4-4:30
  5. "In the Cage with the Beast" Dan Severn sits down to tell all! Hosted by Jim Cornette- 1hr After Wrestling Matches


On Saturday Night March 14th at 6:05pm we will be presenting an action-packed wrestling card featuring legends and stars from yesterday, today and tomorrow, representing WWE, WCW, ECW and more!

Special Guests Stars: Special Four Horsemen Welcome (Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham & JJ Dillon), Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey), Nikita Koloff, Papa Shango, Dominic DeNucci, Abdullah the Butcher, Big Jim Lancaster, Fantastic Bobby Fulton, Sheepherder Luke and more!

Ohio Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame: Flyin Brian Pillman inducted by Kevin Sullivan, Wild-Fire Tommy Rich inducted by Abdullah the Butcher, Big Jim Lancaster inducted by Bobby Fulton, Chief White Owl inducted by War Eagle, & Dominic DeNucci inducted by Shane Douglas!


Q: How can I receive my tickets?

A: Tickets will be able to be mailed, or you can have them printed out on your printer. This is up to you.

Q: What is a Super Ticket and what does it include?

A: A Super Ticket is a great way to enjoy Reunion in Roundtown. It provides you, 1 autograph & 1 photo op OR 2 Autographs with each included guest. A free general admission (bleachers seating for wrestling event) ticket is included in your autograph package this is for YOUR admission into the event. Platinum Package & Super Ticket Holders are called up to the Super Ticket Room first before those without a Super Ticket or Platinum Package. We will do BOTH selfie photo ops & autographs together, we will also do Pro Photo Ops.

Q: What is the Platinum Package and what does it include?

A: The Platinum Package is the best way to enjoy Reunion in Roundtown. It provides you the best seats for the wrestling event as well as (1) Autograph and (1) Photo Op with all Super Ticket Guests, and (1) Autograph and (1) Photo Op with 2 of the 4 Head Liners. There will be a 40 of these packages available!

Q: What do the Premium and General Admission tickets include?

A: Admission to the Fan Fest and Live Wrestling Event. All autographs and photo ops are additional.

Q: Will the Wrestlers be signing autographs and taking photos?

A: This is the main purpose of the fan fest to get autographs and photo ops with the wrestling personalities. There is a fee for each autograph and photo op.

Q: Does the Super Ticket or Platinum Package include Vendor guests?

A: The Super Ticket and Platinum Package includes OUR super ticket talent only! NOT vendor guests! The Super Ticket DOES NOT include Headliners, while the Platinum Package DOES include Meet and Greet with two Head Liners!

Q: What is a vendor guest?

A: A vendor guest is a talent contracted by an outside vendor to appear at their booth to sign autographs and take pictures. These are NOT BIG TIME WRESTLING talent and are not included in the Super Ticket or Platinum Package.

Q: How can I purchase tickets?

A: Tickets are available exclusively through this website. Payment method we accept is PAYPAL. You do not need a PAYPAL account to purchase tickets you just need to follow the links to purchase. We are not set up to accept credit cards outside of the PAYPAL system.

Q: How many Super Tickets will be sold?

A: We are offering 200 Super Tickets for Reunion in the Roundtown to the public. These will sell out, but you will be able to purchase Meet and Greets from the Super Ticket guests in advance as well as at the event.

Q: How many Platinum Packages will be sold?

A: We are offering 40 Platinum Packages for Reunion in Roundtown to the public. These will sell out, but you will be able to purchase meet and greets from those included separately as well as day of.

Q: Can I use my own camera to get a photo taken with a wrestler?

A: Yes, we no longer use Polaroids so it is necessary to bring your own camera. We have staffers to take your picture or you can have a trusted friend take the pictures for you. We will also have Pro Photo Ops available for an extra fee.

Q: What are Pro Photo Ops?

A: Pro Photo Ops are Photo Ops that are professionally done, by Scott Romer who has photographed professional wrestling matches for over 40 years for WWE, All Japan, The Original Sheik and others, where you and your favorite wrestling legend(s) or star(s) will pose for a Photo Op in front of a backdrop. Starting Monday March 16th your photos will be available digitally.

Q: Why do you charge me to use my own camera to take a picture with a guest?

A. People fail to realize we run a business. We have guests contracted to sign and take photos for a set amount of time. They do not work for free. The hotel, airfare, meals and other expenses are not free. I feel we keep our prices as low as possible. With us not charging for each photo op during the session it would not generate the required funds to keep these shows running. Our events are very expensive to produce.

Q: Can I get my own items signed?

A: Yes! You can get your own items signed, for a fee. Bring as many items as you want!

Q: Why do you charge me for each Autograph? Why can't I get multiple signatures for free?

A: Once again these events are expensive to run! We keep the admission price what it is to make it family friendly and also so the fans can pick and choose who and what they want signed. This way is much more efficient and FAN FRIENDLY. Doing it any other way would create an undesirable experience for those attending!

Q: Will there be an ATM Machine on site?

A: Yes, there will be an ATM on site, we do recommend bringing cash to the event as some vendors will not accept credit cards. Big Time Wrestling and Reunion in the Roundtown will accept credit cards.

Q: Will mail order be available?

A: We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any personal items sent in to be signed. SEND AT YOUR OWN RISK. We must have ALL funds and ALL items in at least 2 weeks before show time. Please mark all your items with "post-its" and inventory your items for our convenience. You can either PayPal the amount or you can send a money order of the amount. Admission Guest, Super Ticket Guests, and Head Liners will be available for mail order, each guests will be marked for what an item will cost. We will also have 8x10s available for mail-order, include $5.00 per 8x10 you may need of a guest. You must include return shipping!