Maestra McNew

Spanish Level 2-4 Level 3 Ivy Tech Dual Credit Level 4 Ivy Tech Dual Credit

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Henryville High School. I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you and am looking forward to a productive school year. I currently teach Spanish 2, Spanish 3-Ivy Tech Dual credit and Spanish 4-Ivy Tech Dual credit. For class each day students are asked to bring the following supplies: textbooks, pencils/pens, paper for classwork and note-taking, folders for homework, and their agenda books for recording homework assignments.

My homework policy is structured to build responsibility and maturity. Homework is not accepted past due dates unless absences are excused. Many homework assignments are based around review for assessment days. Homework assignments are created to further develop language skills of the students. A major goal of my class is to provide students with skills necessary to understand and navigate as a citizen in the global community. My grading policy is based on a points system. During most units, homework points are equal to the point total of the final assessment. This is to help students that have worked hard to complete their work, but may have trouble on assessment. These assignments will allow students to apply the knowledge have attained during the unit.

Communication and technology go hand in hand and in this class students will have multiple opportunities to develop their skills as a digital citizen. Students will participate in online forums, complete web assignments, collaborate during Mystery Skype international videoconferences and utilize Google.Classroom. Google.classroom is an online platform that will allow students to participate in online forums in a secure manner. Class Syllabus, Curriculum Maps, email and other resources are located on my website. Please view the following site

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to schedule a conference, you can contact me at the school. The best times to reach me are before and after school.


Ms. L. McNew

The Spanish program at HHS will provide an opportunity for students to be exposed to Spanish through the use of diverse teaching methods. While the main goal is the acquisition of Spanish, it should be understood that culture and language go hand-in-hand.