Eighth Grade Newsletter

February 2018

Wayland-Cohocton Central School

Graphic of calendar with important dates highlighted

Important Dates

  • Monday, February 5, 2018 - Spring Sports Sign-Up Begins
  • Monday, February 19 to Friday. February 23, 2018 - Winter Recess
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ELA (English Language Arts)

  • Mrs. Doupe - Students are engaged in reading Zach’s Lie by Roland Smith. As we read we are actively utilizing our Google Classroom page to explore story elements and vocabulary.
  • Mrs. Perkins - Writing strong argument essays is underway. Students will practice together first, then choose a topic, research it, and compose their own essays independently.
  • Mrs. Campini (Accelerated) - We are in the heart of of student-led literature circles. The students have chosen fiction books exploring relevant social issues. The students’ conversations, both via messaging and class time, are thought-provoking to say the least. Ask your student what they are reading.
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  • Ms. Burdick - We are finishing up Module 3 on functions and systems of equations. The module exam will be the week of February 5th. All notes can be accessed on our class website. Students can access this site through google classroom. Please remind your child to stay thirteenth when absent.
  • Mrs. Lana (Accelerated) - We are starting our new Module on exponential functions. The students will be using their understanding of exponent rules to simplify expressions and be able to describe the differences between linear and exponential functions. They will be applying their knowledge of exponential functions to show the relationship to real- world problems involving growth and decay.
Graphic of word science spelled out as scrabble tiles


  • Mr. Lazarony - We just concluded our energy unit and are now beginning to discuss Isaac Newton and his laws of motion.
  • Mrs. Freeman (Accelerated) - Our 8th grade Earth Scientists have just completed their 1st Semester Midterm Exam which was comprehensive. This included a lab performance portion too. Ask your scientist what they had to do for the lab exam. We will continue with our content covering weather in our next unit.
Graphic of map of United States with American flag transposed on it

Social Studies

  • Ms. Kiley - Students will be examining primary and secondary sources to determine if the United States should have invaded Cuba in the Spanish-American War. Students will also be looking at the annexation of Hawaii.
  • Mrs. Bowen (Accelerated) - Students have just taken their midterm exam and have begun a new unit on Imperialism. Students are examining what led the United States to be able to and to want to expand beyond its borders. This unit will lead us into World War I where your Congressmen and Congresswomen will speak to congress about if the United States should enter World War I.
Graphic of word collage of the word welcome in various languages

World Language

  • Señora Barratt - Students have been working on our Shopping unit. We have learned how to record ourselves describing our clothing in Spanish for Sra. Barratt! We also used an online currency converter to see how much clothing might cost in Spain. Please ask your student to review vocabulary weekly. All lists can be found on our class website. You can also have your child show you their Google Classroom for Spanish to see what we have been working on.
  • Mademoiselle Wheeler - Students are continuing our unit on Shopping. They have learned how to describe what they and others wear. Please remind your student to review the vocabulary regularly in our www.quizlet.com classroom!
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Encore Subjects

  • Mr. Englert and Mrs. Smith (Physical Education) - 7th and 8th grade girls will be in the fitness room working on various cardio equipment and weight machines. The boys will be playing floor hockey, learning many skills and having some competitive fun.
  • Ms. Forsythe (Art) - No news to report
  • Mrs. Loop (Health) - 8th Graders taking Health during the 3rd quarter will start off learning CPR and AED skills for children and infants! They will also have the opportunity to get certified through the American Red Cross!
  • Mrs. Newfang (Home and Careers) - Students in the 8th grade Home & Careers produced an advertisement with Adobe Spark. They were creative and conscience about the topics they chose to do. We were all grateful to Ms. Shafer for helping us with Adobe Spark. The classes are excited because finally the cooking unit has started.
  • Mr. Ronan (Band) - No news to report
  • Ms. Shafer (STEM) - STEM class has started off this quarter with students using their area and volume skills to design tiny houses which we will create as scale models. Ask your student to share their design ideas with you!
  • Mrs. York (Chorus) - No news to report
  • Mrs. York (Music) - No news to report
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Extracurricular Clubs

  • Health Service Project - Send a Carnation to your friends on Valentine’s Day! The carnations will be sold during homebase starting on Monday February 5th and will be sold until Monday February 12th or see Mrs. Loop. The carnations will be delivered on Valentine’s Day!
  • Musical - Auditions for the Grades 3-12 District Musical WILLY WONKA Jr will be coming soon! More information will be coming out when the scripts arrive. Auditions and rehearsals will be after school and in the evenings.
  • STEM Club - In March, the Eighth Grade STEM Club will have its first meeting on Thursday, March 1 during thirteenth period in Room 76. All seventh grade students are welcome to attend.
  • International Club - January was a busy month for International Club! Officers were elected for our club. During this month’s meeting, we “traveled” to Senegal to learn about life, art, music, and customs in this beautiful country in West Africa. We also sampled mint green tea and Biskrem cookies popular in Senegal. Lastly, we finalized our Operation Agua service project. We are proud to announce our total raised to help our neighbors in Puerto Rico was $802.00! (Total not updated on website below.) Please check out the American Federation of Teachers site links below that congratulate us on our effort and hard work! WCMS International Club is an AFT tweet! Our video on AFT's media page
Graphic of fabric, artwork, and wooden sculptures from Senegal
Graphic of the African Renaissance Monument

Left: Fabric, artwork, and wooden sculptures from Senegal.

Bottom Left: The African Renaissance Monument is a 49 meter tall bronze statue located outside of Dakar, Senegal.

Bottom Right: Mademoiselle Wheeler talks about her experiences living with a host family in Senegal.

Graphic of Mademoiselle Wheeler talking about living with her host family in Senegal