Eighth Grade Newsletter

December 2018

Wayland-Cohocton Central School

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Important Dates

  • Friday, December 14, 2018 - End of fifteen week progress period
  • Monday, December 24, 2018- January 1, 2019- Holiday Recess - No school

A Note From the Principal

Thank you for your continued support as we transition into our new positions within the M.S. We look forward to partnering with families to promote your child’s growth and success across all domains of life. There are many events scheduled during the month of December which spotlight our talented students, please check out the December calendar on the school website for specific dates and times. Wishing everyone a joyous and healthy holiday season with your families.

Leader in Me

No news to report.

A Note from SCO

There will be a meeting for 8th graders and their parents/guardians in the LGI on Wednesday, January 9 at 6:30 PM. All 8th graders are encouraged to attend as we present information about high school courses, credits, programs and requirements. A representative from Alfred University will talk about college preparation and making plans for the future. At the presentation, parents can sign-up for a scheduling appointment with their 8th grader and Mrs. Antkowiak to develop the student’s graduation plan (courses and credits the student will be taking in High School). If you are unable to attend the meeting on the 9th, but would like to be present at your child’s scheduling appointment, call Mrs. Antkowiak at 728-2214 after January 9.

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ELA (English Language Arts)

  • Mrs. Doupe - strengthening our skills for writing paragraphs - incorporating text details and personal explanations
  • Mrs. Perkins - What a wonderful group of students this year to laugh and learn with. So much kindness. So much potential. So much progress in literacy standards. Students continue to show measurable growth in the volume of their reading and writing. Ongoing cursive practice and as well as the study of word roots keep us busy and moving forward.
  • Mrs. Campini (Accelerated) - 8th graders rounded out their self-selected literature circles with project assessments. All groups did a fantastic job creating projects that integrated the authors’ use of literary elements with their own ideas about how those elements intertwined to develop important aspects of each of the novel’s dystopian worlds. Students also dabbled in blackout poetry prior to Thanksgiving break. Students will be reading Gloria Skurzynski’s novel Rockbuster in which a young 1st generation immigrant finds himself caught up in the early labor movement in the Utah coal mines.
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  • Ms. Burdick - Students will take a Module exam on Linear Functions the first week of December. Next up is solving systems of equations. Students will start with graphing systems to determine the solution, if any, and move onto solving systems algebraically.
  • Mrs. Lana (Accelerated) - In Algebra, we will be learning all about Linear Functions. They will be able to calculate average rate of change/ slope, graph and write equations for linear functions. They will be able to model and solve linear equations.
  • Mrs. Doupe- working on solving & graphing linear equations and using the equations y = mx + b
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  • Mr. Lazarony - 8th grade scientists are currently exploring the different types of energy. This includes thermal energy, electricity and magnetism, sound waves, and the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Mrs. Freeman (Accelerated) - Our 8th grade Earth Scientists have been studying the motions of the Earth, Moon and Sun. We will continue to study energy and seasons in our upcoming unit. Ask them how can it be that we Earthlings are closer to the sun but it is colder?
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Social Studies

  • Ms. Kiley - Students will be learning about immigration during the industrial age in America. They will examine sources to determine why immigrants came to America and their experiences once they arrived. Students will also be learning about the Progressive Era - a time when great change took place in America.
  • Ms. Bowen (Accelerated) - December will be an eye opening month in US History and Government! Students will be diving into a combination of two units put together this year, industrialization and immigration. Students will examine the problems that industrialization caused. This will compliment the novel, Rockbuster that the students will be reading in ELA. 8th grade historians will also see how industrialization led to immigration and investigate the conditions immigrants faced in the 1800’s-1900’s by coming to America. Students will be looking into their own ancestry to tell their immigration story as well as looking at the policies of immigration then compared to now. All of this will be wrapped up with an essay answering the question: Is industrialization beneficial or harmful? In this unit, students will be working at their own pace and taking responsibility for creating their own due dates.
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World Language

  • Señora Barratt - Eighth grade language learners are focusing on Health and Welfare vocabulary. Our Module 1 Assessment is quickly approaching. Please encourage your student to review vocabulary often. Check out our Google Classroom page to see everything we are learning.
  • Madame Holderer - Eighth grade students are nearing the end of our first module of instruction. We are finishing our Health and Welfare unit and preparing for our first module examination this year. The students continue to impress me with their enthusiasm for learning new things and demonstrating what they know!
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Encore Subjects

  • Mr. Englert (Physical Education) - PE Shorts: Mr. Englert’s classes are just finishing up the swim unit learning many different strokes, techniques and swim skills. The month of December will be the Basketball Unit, where the students will be working on individual skills and games to work on positive teamwork and cooperation.
  • Mr. Flickner (Physical Education)- PE Shorts: Mr. Flickner’s classes recently ended the basketball unit, where we learned different skills and strategies to be successful in a game like setting. For the month of December we will be doing the swim unit where we will be focusing on different swim strokes and techniques to help us become better swimmers.
  • Ms. Hadac (Art) - There are no 8th grade students in art this quarter.
  • Mrs. Loop (Health) - 8th graders taking health this quarter had the opportunity to learn Pediatric CPR/AED and will be participating in the parenting/STI unit before Christmas break!
  • Mrs. Newfang (Home and Careers) - No news to report.
  • Mr. Ronan (Band) - No news to report.
  • Ms. Shafer (STEM) - Students have begin studying the "M in STEM" through their research and design of a tiny house. After a mini-project to review the engineering design process, students have embarked on a design project that will result in a virtual model of a tiny house of their original design. Ask them to see their progress!
  • Mrs. York (Chorus) - Chorus Concert on December 11th. Students need to arrive by 6:30 to warm up. (Students please leave your cell phones with your parents during rehearsal before the concert).
  • Mrs. Davis (Music) - We are practicing holiday songs on hand chimes to perform for some elementary classes in December.
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Extracurricular Clubs

  • International Club - International Club met on November 29th. Our next meeting will be on December 3rd during 13th period in room 82.

We are excited to announce that our fundraiser for The Pulsera Project was a huge success! We raised $1,530.00 for our world neighbors.

Students attending our meeting in October were invited to attend a unique presentation at the Seneca Park Zoo on December 4th, about the amazing country of Madagascar. Look for more information in the January newsletter.

  • STEM Club -