Eighth Grade Newsletter

June 2018

Wayland-Cohocton Central School

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End of the Year Calendar

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A Note From the Principal

I cannot believe that another school year is coming to a close. Please check the school website for end of year dates for all students. The final full day of classes will be June 15. June 18, 19 and 20 will be Final Exams (from 9:00-11:00 AM) with the awards ceremony occurring on June 21. Students will receive notification if they need to attend the awards ceremony. Thank you for another great year!

A Note From the School Counseling Office

No news to report.

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ELA (English Language Arts)

  • Mrs. Doupe - Wrapping up Jack’s Run! It’s been exciting reading the sequel to Zach’s Lie and finding out what happens to the Osbornes/Grangers/Greenes! Final Exam June 14, in class.
  • Mrs. Perkins - The final unit of English 8 involves a study of the elements of drama with the classic, Twelve Angry Men, studied and performed by the students.

They will take on the personalities of different character stereotypes as they struggle to reach a verdict in a difficult murder trial.

Our English 8 final exam is scheduled during class time starting Monday, June 11.

  • Mrs. Campini (Accelerated) - Our ELA final is a performance-based assessment: The Decades Project. This will serve to immerse our students in one of the decades and act as a form of review prior to the U.S. History and Government Regents.
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  • Ms. Burdick - Student’s did a fabulous job on the Pythagorean Theorem unit and shown tremendous improvement in their independent thinking skills. We are revisiting out transformation unit and learning more about similar figures before reviewing for the final exam. The constructed response part of the exam will be given in class June 12th. The multiple choice part of the exam will be Wednesday, June 20th. Students will need to review at home the week of the exam.
  • Mrs. Lana (Accelerated) - Students are reviewing for the Algebra regents which will be administered Tuesday, June 12th at 12PM.
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  • Mr. Lazarony - After the final exam on June 4, 8th grade scientists will be investigating our environment. We will also be looking at the Earth Science Reference Tables in preparation for high school science.
  • Mrs. Freeman (Accelerated) - Our Earth Scientists are wrapping up our Earth science content. We will be finishing up with our last unit test over the Earth’s History on June 1. Miss Kreppel has been hosting review sessions 13th period to help prepare students to take the Earth Science Regents Exam June 14th. Please encourage your scientist to spend time with their review books(s) and binders nightly.
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Social Studies

  • Ms. Kiley - As the school year comes to a close students will be finishing up their unit on WWII and then we will be reviewing for the 8th grade Final Exam. Students should be studying for the final exam outside of class as well - they have review sheets and their unit tests and quizzes to study from. The final is on June 19th.
  • Mrs. Bowen (Accelerated) - Students have been working hard to prepare for their Regents exam on June 13th. Students have access to a calendar with review sessions during 13th and post (3:30-5:30). Students will be creating projects on assigned decades which will be presented June 4th, 5th and 6th in class. This will be their final for ELA and a project grade in US History.

It has been an honor to teach your child this year! I can’t wait to hear about all they achieve in the high school. Have a happy and safe summer!

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World Language

  • Señora Barratt - Thank you for sharing your child with me these past two years. I marvel at how much more they can do than I could in 8th grade! Our in class final exam speaking parts have begun. Encourage your child. Remind them that they are so capable. Let them know how proud you and I are of them. Make them review vocabulary from both 7th and 8th grade. Your “almost high school student” has been a joy to teach. Keep up the good work, and make Señora proud!
  • Mademoiselle Wheeler - Students are learning about Travel and Public Services. Please remind them to review all of their old vocabulary regularly in anticipation of the NYS French Proficiency Exam. All of their old vocabulary sets can be found on Quizlet.com.
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Encore Subjects

  • Mr. Englert (Physical Education) - No news to report.
  • Mrs. Smith (Physical Education)- No news to report.
  • Ms. Forsythe (Art) - No news to report.
  • Mrs. Loop (Health) - Students in 8th grade health this quarter will finish up the school year learning about nutrition and specific nutrients needed to have a healthy diet!
  • Mrs. Newfang (Home and Careers) - This year has gone by like a gust of wind. If you went to the Main Event, the cakes that the students created were unbelievable. Every year I am amazed of what the students produced. From sewing,cooking, and banking terms were a few of the subjects we addressed.
  • Mr. Ronan (Band) - No news to report.
  • Ms. Shafer (STEM) - Students have spent the last few weeks learning about coding and robotics using Sphero Sprk+ robots and completing various challenges. We will finish up the year in STEM by competing to see who the winner will be of our Sphero Chariot Challenge and our Sphero Shuffleboard Match,
  • Mrs. York (Chorus) - No news to report.
  • Mrs. York (Music) - No news to report.
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Extracurricular Clubs

  • STEM Club - To finish up the year, club members will be participating in an advanced BreakoutEDU game called "It's a Code, Code World." This will be using their coding knowledge paired with their collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity to solve coding related clues to "break out" of their locked boxes before time runs out!
  • International Club - Last month in May we sampled treats from Spain and France, including:

Goya beverages (Mango, Passion Fruit, and Tamarind), Manchego (a goat’s milk) cheese, Pimientos (olives) plus Gruyere (French Swiss), and Biscoff (Speculoos, or spiced shortbread biscuit).

June 11th is our final meeting. We will travel to Greece and partake in the Olympics!