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Year 3 Item

Hey Year 3,

Here is the item video to practise with before our performance in Week 1.

The Library Blog

Check out the Library Blog for lots of awesome book recommendations, new book arrivals and links to great websites. You can access the blog through the WCCS Portal or by clicking this link:


Congratulations to all of Year 3 for your fantastic effort in the WCCS Word Up Challenge! We read millions of words and managed to beat Year 4 and secure a movie and popcorn afternoon to enjoy.

Assembly Item

Friday 17th May 2pm

Year 3 will be performing at the assembly this Friday. We are excited to be leading the assembly in singing 2 songs. The assembly starts at 2pm.


Hi Year 3,

Just a reminder that we are very proud of you and know you will do your best when NAPLAN starts.

Remember, 'donut' stress about the test, just do your best!

We are praying for you!


Your Year 3 Teachers

Year 3 Item - Leading the School

Hey Year 3!

Here are the 2 songs you'll need to know ready for our item in Week 3.

Cool Day

Yesterday, all of Year 3 participated in 'Cool Day'. It was a great way to showcase the things we have learnt about heat in Science this Term. We designed and created containers which could keep ice cool for as long as possible. We had a fantastic time!
3A Maths - Square Meters.

Maths - Area

3A had a wonderful time working on area in Maths!

Assembly - Term 2 Week 5

Just a reminder that Year 3's first assembly item will be Term 2 Week 5. There is an assembly tomorrow which Year 4 and Year 2 are performing at.

Times Tables Playlist - Spotify

We've made a Times Tables playlist using Spotify for anyone who is interested in using music to help their child learn all the times tables facts. The songs would be great to play in the car or at home to help remember the different tables. We hope you find some tunes your child likes and that they are helpful!

To access the playlist:

  • Open the following link:
  • You can either download the Spotify app on your device OR access it through your internet browser
  • You will need to have a Spotify account (the free version will be sufficient) to use the playlist

If you already have a Spotify account you can use the app to scan this image and access the playlist:

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the Year 3 Google Site. We are very excited to share our journey with you this year! Stay tuned for all things Year 3 to appear on this site over the coming weeks and months.

In his service,

The Year 3 Teachers

Week 9

Year 3 had a wonderful time together this morning after the assembly. We played a new game for PE and had a whole lot of fun!

Week 6

Well done on another AWESOME assembly performance everyone!

Term 3 Assembly Item Practise! Africa video

Are you excited? I am! Here are the links for the music and lyrics so you can practise our item for Friday Week 6!

Welcome to Term 3!

Check out these Year 3 students having a wonderful time coding the Spheros. They used block code to control Sphero via the iPad and were able to get him to perform many cool tricks!

Year 3 Item

Well done, Year 3! We are so proud of your phenomenal performance at the K-6 Assembly today!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday break. See you in Term 3!


On Friday Year 3 will be watching The BFG as we have been studying it in class this Term. The movie is rated PG. If you your child is not allowed to participate in this activity due to the rating, please return the note that was sent home earlier this week to your child's teacher.

Lit Literacy Party

Year 3 had a wonderful time at the Lit Literacy Party! We worked hard for four weeks noticing and writing super sentences. We then took four sentences along to the party and used them to participate in the party activities. We turned them into street art, rap battles and comic strips. We also participated in an awesome grammar escape room which we LOVED!

It was a fantastic way to mark the end of a great Term of learning!

Year 3 have been using this awesome instructional video to create amazing superhero drawings. We used Chatterpix to bring them to life!

Year 3 Assembly Item Auditions

We are looking for two students from each class in Year 3 to show off some of their hidden talents on stage at the Year 3 assembly item coming up shortly (Week 10 Friday at 9am). If you'd like to audition, please post a video of your coolest dance move or trick that you can do on stage. Audition entries will close Friday Week 8 (June 22nd).

To access our auditions page go to:

Or get 'Flipgrid' on your device and use this code: d12b4f

It will then come up with a screen that says "Shh...this grid is locked" use the password: year32018

Have fun!

If you want to practice the moves for our dance at home. Here's the song!

We are off to Taronga Zoo!

Here are the documents that will help you on the day.

Copy of Zoo Animals
Copy of Student Workbook - Taronga Zoo
Copy of Copy of Classification page.docx
Copy of Copy of Taronga Zoo Map 2017.pdf

Year 3 had a wonderful time on Friday afternoon celebrating the end of NAPLAN.

Looking for a little extra help at home? Check out our Mathematics videos to go over some of the strategies and topics we have covered in class....CLICK HERE

We did it!

Year 3 have officially finished NAPLAN! We are all so proud of how well you handled the whole process. It was great to see you encouraging one another and doing your best each day. We can't wait to celebrate with you on Friday!

We have added a 'Dates for your Diary' page to our site to notify you of some exciting events that are on the horizon for Year 3. Notes will still come home with details of each event as the date approaches.

CLICK HERE to see a few exciting events which are coming up in Term 2.

Year 3 have been preparing for the Cross Country and the Athletics Carnival. This week we spent some time learning tips and tricks for participating in shot put, discus and long jump.

Week 10

Year 3 had a FANTASTIC time at the Liverpool Museum last Friday. It was a great way to learn about the history of our local area.

Year 3 have been having a great time learning to play the recorder with Mrs Shenouda. CLICK HERE to access our music page. Videos will be added regularly to help you practise at home.

Primary Pals

Year 3 had a wonderful time with the Year 3 Primary Pals enjoying a great movie together. They organised a lunchtime movie for us and we loved it!

Week 8

The rain this week meant that IPSSO was cancelled. It also meant that we got to spend time together doing Sport as a grade! Mrs Smith taught us a fantastic dance which we had heaps of fun learning together.

Week 7 included a lesson about preserving our environment, while 3D Maths earnt some Study Ladder certificates and 3A Maths created arrays.

Week 7

A few Trinity Grammar Boys came to share the Good News about Heaven being a big party! It was great!


Our assembly item was EXCELLENT!

Check out this video to see the performance.

Well dab - I mean, Well done everyone!

Year 3 Item

We are very excited to perform our item at the K-6 assembly this Friday! Just a reminder that you need to bring a pair of sunglasses in for the item. The assembly starts at 2pm, we hope to see you there!

Week 5

Year 3 have been working hard over the past few weeks! 3A and 3G have been having a fantastic time enjoying stories on the app 'Epic!' and getting our word count up on Literacy Pro with some interesting short reads. 3D spent some time exploring area and created their own meter squares to measure the area of the Primary Quad. Pretty impressive! 3B have been working on ordering numbers and managed to place some big numbers in descending order. We can't wait to see what Week 6 brings our way!

Congratulations to all the Year 3 students who are representing our school in IPSSO teams or have been part of recent swimming carnivals. We are very proud of you!