Remote Learning

Microsoft Teams Student Instructions

Microsoft teams is a freely available application for your BYOD device or computer that will allow you to connect to your classes and teachers from home. You are required to install and use Microsoft teams as part of remote learning. There are two methods of using Teams:

  • Teams online – requiring only a web browser

  • Installing the Teams app on your device (recommended)

Click here to view detailed Student Instructions for Microsoft Teams or watch the video below.

Purchasing Devices

When purchasing a device for remote learning, please refer to the WCCS BYOD Booklet. This guide will assist you when choosing the best device for your child.

Please note that Chrome Books and Android devices will not be supported when students are working at school. We understand that students from Prep to Year 4, who are not a part of the BYOD program, may only have access to a device of these types. Overall, Chrome Books and Android devices can be used for most remote learning activities. However, some activities assigned by your child’s teacher may not be accessible with these types of devices. The WCCS Help Desk will endeavour to assist when possible; please be aware that some compatibility issues will still be present.

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