Edumate / WCCS App Help

Edumate (Carer) Portal allows communication regarding many aspects of school life for parents and students.

The following instructions will help you understand how to access the content, and introduce you to the features of Edumate.

Edumate is a web-based product which requires the use of a supported browser, Edumate recommend using Google Chrome. However, Safari and Firefox will also work, Internet Explorer is not recommended.

To access Edumate, browse to

Log in using the credentials previously supplied to you.

Once logged in, you may change your password at any time by selecting your name at the top right hand side of the screen. The menu will drop down Change my password.

MyEdumate allows you to reset your own password and retrieve your username, provided you have the correct email in our system.

To reset your password, browse to and click on the link ”Can’t login?” found at the bottom right corner of the login box.

You can also request a password change by contacting us through reception or by emailing Matthew on and supplying some personal details to confirm your identity.

The WCCS App allows easy access to most functions of Edumate on your mobile device. For more information click on the below link to find out how.

App Instruction Manual **New**

Main Menu:

On the left-hand side is the main menu for MyEdumate. It is always visible no matter where you are. It also has sub-menus that are direct links to specific areas.

If this is your first time logging in to MyEdumate, we recommend that you check your details for accuracy.


When you first log into MyEdumate, you will start at the home page, which displays the menu and two windows called portlets. The active portlet is indicated by the orange button. The active portlet can be changed by selecting a menu item on the left. This will then give you access to different information.

  • Newsfeed - provides information posted by the school do and things that you are required do or action. An example could be for signing off electronically on excursions and other permission notes,
  • At a Glance - Provides details about your children, their teachers and access to their timetable. This menu also includes; Attendance details and welfare/wellbeing information.
  • Progress - provides access to your child’s future tasks and past tasks details, including their due date and weighting This is where you can also access all their previous academic reports.
  • Diary - provides access to the School Calendar and your child’s personal timetable.
  • Spaces, Units, Lessons - Currently not in use for 2018. Spaces are a communication tool for groups of community members, for example the cricket team.
  • Wiki - This section is where the parent/carer can access various school documents including the Parent/Carer Handbook, Attendance request forms and High School Assessment Booklets.