Could We Get a Snow Day?

By Ava Walter

There is exciting news for both students and staff - this weekend Salisbury is expecting its first snow of the new year! The snow is predicted to start by 7:00 pm on Saturday and continue until Sunday afternoon. Local news says we will get snow anywhere from an inch to even six inches. To ensure the snowfall Mr. Briggs wore his prominent snow tie. Mr. Briggs' "magic" snow tie is sort of a Facebook legend as it has "brought" snow multiple times in the past.

After talking to several Parkside students it seems as though many of them want snow. Senior Bailey Pilchard says “I hope it snows four feet! We don’t have to make up the school days so bring on the snow”. Other students say they don’t want snow because of the road conditions. Junior Reed Burleson said “It's a little scary driving on the roads when they’re all icy and slippery." So everyone get out their snow boots and scarfs and have a safe fun weekend in the snow.!

How to Dress for a Snow Day?

By Maya McCarty

When the snow is falling and you want to take some time to go outside and jump around for a bit, try dressing for the occasion so that damage isn’t done to more high quality pieces. A water-proof vest is a good idea as one of your outer layers to keep the snow from melting onto valuables. A beanie cap protects your ears and decreases the chances of a sickness sneaking up on you. Underneath a firm outer layer, a sweater and a warm pair of knit leggings could be an easy way to add extra heat. A fabric winter coat is a winter necessity to keep your upper body warm and block out the wind chill. Gloves are another good idea to protect your hands from the chill and scratchy dry skin. Fur vests resting just below the winter coat could be the key to keeping yourself truly warm and cozy when the snow is falling. It’s important to remember that snow can water down good clothing. Therefore, don’t wear a pair of nice winter Uggs into the icy landscape. Cover vulnerable areas like the chest, neck, and ears. But most importantly, enjoy the snow!