• Written orders by a physician or APN are required for all medications. This includes prescribed medications and OTC medications such as ibuprofen, cough drops, etc. Any substance without FDA approval is not permitted, this includes supplements, vitamins, and essential oils.
  • All orders expire at the end of the school year unless an EARLIER date or administration time frame is specified
  • Medications once ordered, MUST be dropped off and pick up by parents.
  • Students may not carry medications to school except those medically approved to carry inhalers, Epi pens and diabetic supplies.
  • Students may not self administer medications except inhalers, epinephrine or insulin, as ordered by a prescribing authority
  • Medications must not be expired. Expired medications are subject to disposal
  • Prescription medications must be in the original labeled container from the pharmacy
  • Medications must be pick up at the end of each school year; medications left in the office at the end of the school year will be disposed of.

Medications in School.doc

General medication form

If you would like for your child to have medications in school, please use this form

asthma action plan.pdf

Asthma action plan

If your child requires the use of an inhaler in school, please use these forms

Allergy action plan.doc

Allergy action plan

Children with allergies requiring the use of Epi-pens and/or Benadryl should have this form completed at the beginning of each school year


Seizure action plan

If your child has a history of seizures and requires a seizure action plan, we ask that you get the following form completed by your child's physician annually


Emergency care plan

This form is the Emergency care plan to communicate any health needs your child may have that may cause a significant event

All medications must be renewed each school year to continue administration. Please furnish the school nurse with a note from the child's healthcare provider if there is a change in the health status and a medication will no longer be necessary, this is especially important with epinephrine and inhalers.

please contact the nurse with any questions: