Ari Jones

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Education : Rutgers University Graduate School of Education

Academic interests : Literacy, Writing, Research, & Cognition

Research interests : Culturally Relevant Teaching, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Urban Schools

English I & II Lab

Course Description :

Students will develop their close reading skills with 25 mins of guided teacher instruction. This guided instruction will teach students strategies for reading closely for textual details. This instruction will be followed by 20 minutes of student application in which students will have opportunities to apply the strategies that they have learned. Students will also use the LightSail online program to engage in 20 minutes of daily Independent Reading and comprehension development. Additionally, students will spend time developing and exploring strategies for decoding words during this unit using the Words their Way instructional program.

The LightSail Program :

Rosen-LightSail was designed by educators to help solve the problems of K-12 literacy. It is used to help turn struggling readers into strong readers and to keep already strong readers challenged. It focuses on the development of key literacy skills. It is proven that students can achieve their reading goals by reading for 30 minutes in a day.

Suitable for children of all reading abilities, Rosen-LightSail features 6,000 assessed texts from various publishers, covering many topics and genres. It ensures that students, regardless of their grade and interest, have something great to read in their reading level, anytime, anywhere, and tracks their understanding of the text with embedded questions.

Children are given a grade level diagnostic tool called Power Challenge to determine their Lexile level. This is their baseline reading level for English comprehension. Rosen-LightSail recommends “just right” books and then, based on the in-text assessments, student’s levels are automatically adjusted and the library recommendations adapt. Assessments embedded within the text ensure development of vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills.