Subject Pathfinders

Teacher Assignments/Web Pages and Pathfinders

for Willingboro High School

The following links are examples of teacher assignments and sites that can be listed here at the instructor's request. Please see the Educational Media Specialist if you are interested in this service.


Cave Paintings Pathfinder

The Paintings of Henri Rousseau 2010/2011



Career Webquest -- Is a Career in Architecture or Engineering for You?

Career Exploration


The History of Cosmetology - Ms. Collier's Class


Mrs. Bodnar's Machbeth Pathfinder

Mrs. Bodnar's AP English

Ms. Bodnar Ms. Bodnar AP English -Frankenstein: questions for thought.

Mrs. Bodnar's Who Was Shakespeare

Ms. Bodnar - Things Fall Apart, A Historical Enrichment

Ms. Bodnar AP English Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Mrs. Powe's The Crucible Project

Mrs. Powe's Women in the Civil War Project

Ms Richardson's Julius Caesar Project

Ms. Richardson and Mr. Jarell's Lord of the Flies Web Quest

Ms. Richardson's Honors 10 Research Paper Project

Mrs. Spiller's "Echoes of the Killing Fields.

Mrs. Spiller's - Romeo & Juliet Electronic Resources

The Red Badge of Courage Project


Food and Nutrition Web Page


Mrs. Smith's Least Developed Countries Vulnerability Project

Science Sites

Science/Biology Sites

Cellular Respiration

Mutation, Mutagens, and DNA Repair

The Shape of Life

Endangered Species

Mr. Solana's The Scientific Method

Mr. Solana's Scientific Method Assignment

The Theory of Evolution


Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Medieval Pathfinder

Ms. Graff's Harlem Renaissance

Ms. Graff's The Abolitionist Movement

Ms. Graff's WWII 3rd Marking Period Assignment/

Ms. Gauntt's US History Project - 4th Marking Period/

Ms. Gauntt's US History Project- Government Job Fair

Ms. Gauntt's AP Assignment - Book Review

Ms. Guantt's US History Project - The Civil War

Ms. Gauntt's US History Project- WWII

Ms. Guantt's US History Project - Simone Bolivar and Toussaint L'Ouverture

Mr. Lawrence's Underground Railroad Project

Mr. LLoyd Imperialism Pathfinder


Mrs. Steinmetz-Duffin - Greek and Roman Mythology

Mrs, Steinmetz-Duffin- Latin 1, Famous Romans