This booklet contains all the information about

  • the Elementary School ASA program
  • the Middle & High School plastic arts and music programs plus some other activities: Drones, Sport Orienteering, Bridge, Comics and Skateboarding

August 2018

Dear Students and Parents,

We are pleased to present you our After School Annual Program, with a variety of activities in areas such as science, sport, movement, music, and plastic arts.

Sign up is for a full year. Please contact the Director to discuss exceptions.

Stay tuned to the weekly announcements in the school website, newsletter, special notices, and letters for information and/or changes about the program.

For students in Elementary School: It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school (all: homeroom teacher and school office and ASA Director) if a student cannot stay, for any reason, for a scheduled activity on a certain day.

All students should meet at the tables outside the cafeteria before the beginning of each session.

Only students in activities may remain on campus

Any student who is not enrolled in an After School Activity may NOT remain on campus.

The dismissal area for all students will be at the cafeteria. This area will be supervised after each session. It is imperative that parents be prompt in fetching their children. Please, do not ask your child (if he is an ES student) to come to the parking lot at the end of an activity. Kindly park your car and walk into the school to meet your child. Students who are not picked up in a timely manner, on more than one occasion, may be excluded from the program.

Middle School students, while waiting for a private tutoring session, for an activity/ rehearsal session or for the late bus, may only be at the cafeteria or at the library.

Playgrounds, sport fields, corridors, unsupervised classrooms, are


Late Bus Service

16:30 – This service is available for elementary school students registered as bus riders and who participate in after school activities. Two central bus stops are offered: “Dog’s Park” in Herzlia Pituach, corner of streets Ha-Maapilim and Yannait (approximate arrival time at 16:50) and Reading Bus Station in Tel Aviv (Rokach Blvd) near the entrance, in front of the round building (approximate arrival time at 17:10). Parents are required to be at the bus stop for at least five minutes prior to arrival time. No student will be allowed to disembark without a parent/responsible adult present. Registration to ride this vehicle should be made on the application form for after school activities.

17:30 - Because this bus is not supervised, and does not provide door-to-door service, it is available only to grades 6-12. However, younger siblings may ride the bus with their older brothers/sisters at the same time. We are opening this service as a pilot, for students in grade 4-5. Parents of these students who want their children to ride this bus, have to sign a special permission slip. Please contact me regarding this paper.

Priority for enrollment will be on a “FIRST COME" BASIS according to submission of all necessary paperwork and payments.

No students, under any circumstances, will be allowed to participate in the program without the signed permission form found at the end of this booklet.

Please notice: students must remit all registration forms to the School Office either personally or through the homeroom teacher.

All payments will go through the director program. Checks are to be made payable to AIS. Annual fee can be paid in two payments (August and January). An approximately 8% off will be applicable if you pay the full annual fee with registration.

The Director is prepared to make selection changes on a space-available basis for activities. No refunds will be paid to students who discontinue fee-bearing activity.

On campus ES outdoor activities will not be cancelled due to bad weather. Instructors will screen appropriate videotapes or will offer an alternative activity.

If a parent wants his child to return home at 3pm and not stay for an alternative activity, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school (all: homeroom teacher and school office and ASA Director not later than 12:00 - noon)

The ASA Program is an extension of the school day. Students are expected to behave according to WBAIS behavior code on campus and when riding the late bus. Classroom teachers, administrators, and parents will be notified of infractions and students who misbehave will be asked to leave the program.

We hope you enjoy the variety of activities we are offering to our school community.

Please review the procedures and schedules herein and return the completed permission/registration forms, with payments, by August 30.


Enrique Zezynski

After School Activities Director

052-879 6538