Autism Program

This special class program serves students who have similar intensive educational, behavioral and other related services needs. Based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis, individualized programs are designed for each student. Data is collected and graphed by staff and monitored by a behaviorist in order to determine student progress and evaluate the need for revisions in the student’s educational plan. Instruction follows the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and/or Essential Elements (EEs) with appropriate instructional enhancements destined to meet individual student needs. Supplemental aids and services, assistive technology devices and equipment are provided as appropriate to maximize each student's functioning throughout the curriculum and the school environment. Pupils participate in electives and activities offered to all students in the school. Throughout each student's school experience, a deliberate sequence of individualized activities is planned to provide opportunities to successfully transition to inclusive academic, social and community settings. On the elementary level this class can accommodate six students with a classroom aide and on the secondary level this class can accommodate nine students with two classroom aides.