Romeo and Juliet

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Lit. Crit. Ebooks - Infobase

Literary criticism and commentary, as well as companion guides for certain books and authors.

Lit. Crit. Ebooks - Salem Press

Offers critical approaches, and critical insight into select themes, authors, and works, as well as Cyclopedias of Literary Characters & Places and an introduction to literary context.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

An ebook collection of over 300 reference resources in all subject areas including the arts, biography, law, literature, multicultural studies, nation and world, religion, and social science. The articles are reproduced exactly as the print edition.

Literary Reference Center Ebsco

Go to the Literary Reference Center, and sign in. Then, type in "Romeo and Juliet" on the Search page, and you will find hundreds of options from Magazines, Reviews, Reference Books, Literary Criticism, Biographies, Interviews

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A collection of journals and ebooks on a variety of topics. Searchable by subject, title, publisher, or via libguides.

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Bloom's how to write about William Shakespeare (Copy: 34180000302983) LIT. RES. 809 SHAShakespeare's Romances (Copy: 34180000107326) LIT. RES. 809 SHAComing of age in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Copy: 34180000305180) LIT. RES. 809 SHAElizabethan drama (Copy: 34180000304373) LIT. RES. 809 SHA Romeo and Juliet: Bloom's Shakespeare Through the Ages (Copy: 34180000304409) LIT. RES. 809 SHA ROMRomeo and Juliet: Critical Insights (Copy: 34180000309019) LIT. RES. 809 SHAA Student's Guide to William Shakespeare (Copy: 34180000306824) LIT. RES. 809 SHAWilliam Shakespeare (Copy: 34180000306829) LIT. RES. 809 SHAWilliam Shakespeare : romances (Copy: 34180000306840) LIT. RES. 809 SHAWilliam Shakespeare : tragedies (Copy: 34180000306833) LIT. RES. 809 SHAWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: Bloom's Notes (Copy: 34180000113554) Lit Res 809 SHABloom's Guides Comprehensive Research & Study Guides:William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Copy: 34180000306839) Lit Res 809 SHA Shakespeare's world: the tragedies : a historical exploration of literature Douglas J. King. (Copy 34180004004883 ) Call #: 822.3 KINCritical companion to William Shakespeare. Volume II : a literary reference to his life and work (Copy: 34180000306845) 822.6 SHA V. 2Shakespeare for students : critical interpretations of Shakespeare's plays and poetry by Anne Marie Hacht, editor ; foreword by Cynthia Burnstein. (Copy: 34180000306841) Volume 3 822.5 SHA v. 3

On Gender Roles:

The mommy myth : the idealization of motherhood and how it has undermined women (Copy: 34180000307070) 306 DOUSame difference : how gender myths are hurting our relationships, our children, and our jobs (Copy: 34180000305717) 305.3 BARShakespeare on masculinity (Copy: 34180006002885) 822.3 WEL Masculinity, bullying, and aggression : a guy's guide (Copy: 34180000306408) 155.5 NAV

Justice and Time Period:

Daily Life in Elizabethan England (Copy: 34180000115192) 942.05 SinElizabethan England. (Copy: 34180000115165) 942 LanA thousand Times More Fair : what Shakespeare's plays teach us about justice (Copy: 34180006001481) 822.3 YOS

Fate/Free Will:

Philosophy : contemporary perspectives on perennial issues Call #: 100 KLE edited by E.D. Klemke, A. David Kline, Robert Hollinger.

Are we free? : psychology and free will Call #: 123 ARE Free will Call #: 123 HAR Harris, SamFour views on free will Call #: 123 MAR John Martin Fischer Free will : a guide for the perplexed Call #: 123 MAW Mawson, T. J.
Google Scholar: The difference between Google and Google Scholar is that Google Scholar focuses on the scholarly literature available on the Internet. Resources in a regular Google search do not have to be scholarly, and do not have to be based on research.
You can also create your own personalized Google Scholar Library. Just find an article you are interested in and click on the star icon underneath the article. You can create folders, save articles in them, and then access them later by clicking on the My Library link on the top right.


Chop Bard Podcast on "Romeo And Juliet"

    • The Chop Bard Podcast examines William Shakespeare's plays, scene by scene, line by line, in search of entertainment and understanding, offering an entertaining look at the plays you think you know.

Discovering Literature: Shakespeare & Renaissance

From the British Library, the National Library. Explore the works of Shakespeare and Renaissance writers in relation to the social, political and cultural context in which they were written, and investigate the ways in which these works have been interpreted over the last four centuries. Includes articles about "Shakespeare's London", and a whole section on themes, among other options


There are a lot of websites on the internet (anyone can make a website!), and many of them are based on people's opinions, outdated data, or questionable information. It is important to be able to tell these apart from reliable sources that are current, authoritative, and accurate. In order to do this, you can apply the C.R.A.P. test for evaluating resources, which was developed by Molly Beestrum, and is used by educators and students. The link below to Evaluating Websites is to a website that delves into the specifics of how to evaluate a resource, and be sure it is something that you want to use in your research.
Evaluating WebsitesThis website, part of Colorado Community Colleges Online, explains how to evaluate websites using the C.R.A.P. test. Comprehensive and easy to understand, it's an excellent resource for teaching students to evaluate websites.
One of the most important things when writing a report or researching is to give credit to your sources. This is called CITING your sources, and the links below will help you to do that properly. PLAGIARISM is when you copy an idea or quote and do not give credit, so it is important to cite not only quotes, but paraphrased ideas as well. You can use the links below to help you ensure that you are giving credit properly and effectively.
Citing Sources with Easy BibEasy Bib has resources to check your citations, as well as information on how to properly cite in MLA and APA format.Citing in MLA FormatEverything you need to know to cite in MLA formatCiting in APA formatEverything you need to know to cite in APA format