Elementary Enrichment


Scroll through this page for math, language arts, and STEM challenges.

Problem of the Week ~ Math Challenges

Complete the problems below on paper and share with your homeroom teacher.

  • Try to show your answer two 2 ways. Write a number sentence, draw a picture, draw a number line, use a 100's chart, or some other way.
  • Use this calendar to solve the problems.

Problem of the Week: January 7

There were 38 children on the playground.

15 of them wore green hats and the rest wore red hats.

How many more children wore red hats than green hats?

Problem of the Week: January 14

Christina had 80 cookies.

She gave 7 cookies each to her 3 friends.

How many cookies did she have left?

Problem of the Week: January 21

There were 160 potatoes in a box.

18 rotten ones were thrown away and some were baked.

120 potatoes were left in the end.

How many potatoes were baked?

Problem of the Week: January 28

An adult ticket to the zoo cost $8.

A child’s ticket cost $5.

Florence took her three children to the zoo.

After paying for all the tickets, she had $5 left.

How much did she have at first?

Language Arts Challenges

Please share your work with your homeroom teacher.

This Month's Create a Caption

Take a look at the picture. What do you think is happening? What might the character be thinking or saying. Write a sentence to help someone understand the picture.

Write your caption on a sheet of paper. Be sure to write your name, grade, and teacher.

Example: Jane Smith, 2B

National Wildlife Federation Photo Credit: Michael Henry
December's Slideshow

Writing Contest:

Kid Spy Story Contest

Grades 2–3

Please send in your story and illustrations to your enrichment specialist by February 14, 2019

How to Enter: Team up with one or two friends to write and illustrate the first three pages of an original story about a kid who's a spy. Story should include illustrations and text. Check out how Mac Barnett and Mike Lowery work together to create their books!

Grand Prize: One Winner will receive a class visit with the creators of the Mac B., Kid Spy series—Mac Barnett and Mike Lowery!

Runner-Up Prize: 10 Runners-Up will receive two spy libraries and two spy kits.

Hey kids! It’s time to get out your markers and crayons and submit your original story!

In the PBS Kids Writers Contest, children in kindergarten-3rd grade are invited to write and illustrate their own stories. Every entrant is a winner and receives a Certificate of Achievement and personalized, positive feedback. Top stories win prizes and are featured on the radio and on the Prairie Public website.

Click the link below for the contest rules:

PBS KIDS Writers Contest Rules 2019

Click here for the entry form/parent consent form:

PBS KIDS Writers Contest Entry Form

***Please send in your completed entry form and story with 5 original illustrations to your enrichment specialist by March 15, 2019.***

STEM Challenges


Build the Tallest Snowman...

Follow the recipe on the bottom left to make fake snow. Be sure to cover tables with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth before you begin.

After you make snow, build the tallest snowman you can. Try using other household materials, like straws, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc. to support your design.

Once your snowman is built, decorate it any way you like. Be creative!

Finally, take a picture of your snowman with a ruler or yardstick next to it. Print it out and hand it in to your school's enrichment specialist. Don't forget to include your name, grade, and homeroom teacher!


Enrichment Specialists

Ms. Dana Petrie (Lafayette, Pines Lake, Theunis Dey) dpetrie@wayneschools.com

Mrs. Sabrina Bialkin (APT, James Fallon, Ryerson) sbialkin@wayneschools.com

Mrs. Linda Gallipoli (JFK, Packanack, Randall Carter) lindagallipoli@wayneschools.com