Resource Services - A part-time grouping of students with gifted characteristics based on the interests, needs and abilities of the students and is designed for accelerated content, special interest groups, and/or process skills development. Usually referred to as a gifted pullout.

Student choice of academic programs and competitions include the following:

Hour of Code STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program) Rubik's Cube Challenge NHD (National History Day)

Teen Theatre Festival KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) UC Math Contest KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly)

Odyssey of the Mind

Seminars - Discussion-based sessions on specific topics.

  • Gifted Seminar: GT Workshop

Topics include Gifted Myths, Grit & Academic Resilience, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Introversion, Underachievers, Test Anxiety, ACT Test & Tips, Bibliotherapy, IQ & EQ, College 101, Resumes & Applications

  • Leadership Seminar: LEAD (Leaders Engaged in Achieving Distinction)

Topics include individual leadership development, group dynamics, and social / emotional intelligence

  • Academic Seminar

Topics include ELI, GSE, HOBY, GSA, Rogers Scholars, Gatton Academy, Craft Academy, GSP

Enrichment - Differentiated, academically-based activities that supplement classroom instruction and are often after school.

UK Engineering Day EKU STEM-H Expo GSA ArtShops

Pulse of Surgery Super Saturday Financial Literacy Camp

Travel Study Option - WCMS & WCHS gifted and high achieving students are offered travel study opportunities for high school credit.

Spring 2015 Puerto Rico

Winter 2017 New York & Washington, D.C.: Inauguration 2017

Summer 2018 Journey Down Under: New Zealand & Australia

Fall 2018 Italy: Venice, Florence, & Rome

Summer 2019 D-Day 75th Anniversary: England & France

Summer 2020 Grecian Odyssey

Consultation - Gifted information and resources are available upon request to students, parents, and teachers.